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  • [SpongeBob laughing]

  • May I have some

  • [groaning]

  • - There he goes! - Our champion!

  • He's so dreamy!

  • [sighing]

  • Watch your hometown hero, Patrick Star,

  • take on the malevolent mouth from three towns over, Oswald McNulty!

  • And see who takes, The Patty Belt!

  • Five short minutes to consume as many patties as they can.

  • Who's ready?

  • There's the bell! And we're off and eating!

  • McNulty taking an early lead and really going to work on those patties.

  • What a dynamo!

  • The little skull from three towns over eating at a terrific pace.

  • But what's this? Patrick Star isn't moving!

  • He seems stuck at the gate!

  • What are you doing, Patrick?

  • Don't make me charge you for those patties too!

  • McNulty's pressing forward, looks like this is gonna be a blowout!

  • Patrick... I believe in you, Patrick!

  • But wait, Patrick Star is on the move and patties are starting to disappear!

  • Look at that little sea star eat!

  • He's inching closer to McNulty

  • and it looks like McNulty can feel the heat!

  • Never has there been a more prodigious display of competitive eating!

  • The amount of patties being consumed is astounding!

  • And now... yes, yes!

  • Patrick Star has matched Oswald McNulty!

  • And they are tied as they come into the home stretch!

  • Both eaters are now so full they can now barely eat!

  • But eat they do!

  • Moving so slowly now, one can't help but wonder

  • if they are going to hit the paddy wall at some point.

  • And... and... both eaters have stopped!

  • With only seconds left, we are tied in patties eaten

  • and neither one seems to have the room to go on!

  • Oh! What's this?

  • And down goes McNulty!

  • Down goes McNulty!

  • It looks like we could have a tie!

  • It's over, SpongeBob.

  • I can't go on.

  • The taste, Patrick!

  • Remember the taste!

  • The taste.

  • What's this?

  • Patrick Star has risen from his seat and is pointing to center field.

  • No, wait, he's pointing to a little boy with a hurt foot!

  • Ladies and gentlemen, he's pointing to his mouth

  • - as if to indicate something! - Here you go, champ, you can have mine!

  • [cheering]

  • And he's eating, he's eating... the Great Starfino is eating!

  • Patrick Star wins!

  • The belt is back in Bikini Bottom!

  • The belt is back in Bikini Bottom!

  • Here you go, son.

  • You earned it fat and square.

  • [cheering]

  • Congratulations, Starfino.

  • So, are you going to defend the belt next year?

  • No, this thing doesn't even fit.

  • Ow! My other foot.

[SpongeBob laughing]

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