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  • I'm curious because this is I'd like to pick your brain, the campaign strategist part of your brain.

  • If you're on Trump's team, you must be thinking right now about all the missed opportunities.

  • Because, as you said, we both know historically the incumbent is has a huge advantage.

  • And also in this area, Yes.

  • And then s O number one.

  • There's Cove it which pretty much I mean, Trump himself said it.

  • He said, I'm a wartime president.

  • He could have been a wartime president if he had said, I take this really seriously and here's what we need to dio He would have had the approval of so many people on the left suddenly And then you look at picking and unnecessary fight with the ghost of John McCain in Arizona, and the list goes on and on and on of the things that he did that I'm sure his strategist must have been pulling their hair out.

  • Because when you look at the results now, I know a lot of, um, Democrats or maybe disappointed that it's this close and they think, How could it be this close?

  • Well, uh, it on the Republican side, they must be thinking this was very winnable.

  • He could have had this.

  • That is I mean, that is exactly the conversation they're having.

  • Not just on the broader Republican side, but inside from Sun Circle.

  • That and he didn't need to do everything different with covet.

  • He needed to do it like 10% better.

  • He needed to figure out how and and someone said this to me on the Saturday before the election, that if he loses, it will be because he could never be convinced that actually doing the right thing for the country would have been good politics for him.

  • He just couldn't convince that people try.

  • Um, he also has, you know?

  • I mean, I don't know Jared Kushner, so I don't say this with any personal venom, but he is in so far over his head.

  • He is running the United States government, all of it.

  • And he ran the presidential campaign.

  • And again, this is misreading mandates.

  • Because Trump won four years ago.

  • Jared thought he was really good at both those things.

  • He sucks of those things.

  • You know, the country was just primed for sort of this radical disruption of our you know, sort of status quo in our politics and and from wrote in and excited and titillated people.

  • But the notion that they were gonna be able to do things better than Tony Fauci and that they were gonna and transcended into everything they knew more about the pandemic than Tony Fauci.

  • They knew more about campaigning for president.

  • Then you know Chris Christie or the people around them that have done it before.

  • If he loses, it won't be because people didn't want him to succeed.

  • They did desperately.

  • And if you said if he had done a decent job on Cove, it is not clear that there is a home run hit, but he couldn't even pretend to care about the way people are living in this time of the pandemic.

I'm curious because this is I'd like to pick your brain, the campaign strategist part of your brain.

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Nicolle Wallace On Trump’s Handling Of COVID-19 - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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