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  • Tokyo Today with the help off my economics degree, I want to answer the most important question.

  • When is the economy going to recover?

  • Ah, lot of people say we're going to recover fast from Cove it Economy crashed fast, but it will go back up very fast, just like the letter V.

  • In fact, the stock market just recovered and it looks like a V.

  • But the stock market is not the really economy.

  • Other people say we will have a U shaped recovery economy crashed.

  • We will suffer from Cove it for one year, and then economy will go back up fast.

  • But other people think the recovery will look like E w way will go down, then up then down.

  • But eventually we will go up just like a W.

  • And others are not as optimistic.

  • They think way will never recover the jobs we lost.

  • We will never get back, and economy will look like the letter with No one knows what will happen in the future.

  • But slowly it's becoming clear our economy will not look like a U.

  • W V or L.

  • It will look like your Nike shoes.

  • That's Rush.

  • Forget the stock market.

  • We had a dramatic fall in every country.

  • Unemployment, protests, bankruptcies.

  • Thes problems will improve.

  • But the Onley improve slowly after many years, so we can Onley go back to normal bit by bit, bit by bit, like E Nike swoosh on this process will take 10 years.

  • This'll isn't just my opinion.

  • This is the US government's opinion.

  • The Congressional Budget Office predicts that we will go back to a full recovery in the year 2030 on.

  • I can't help but agree with 14 million people out of a job.

  • It'll take years toe.

  • Hire them back and it'll take MAWR years for my mom to feel safe to travel again.

  • So, yes, the stock market bounced back like a V.

  • But the stock market is an illusion way have really problems that need time to fix.

  • So buckle up, be patient and let's get to work.

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Tokyo Today with the help off my economics degree, I want to answer the most important question.

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