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  • I'm Mira, royal Detective, and we're on the case.

  • The case.

  • We're on the case.

  • I spy with my magnifying glass, something shaped like a triangle we can't take.

  • The suspense cannot take it and listen.

  • It's crunchy, which I knew from the beginning.

  • It's a favorite snack from India.

  • A little closer with your magnifying glass.

  • What does it taste like?

  • Here are some clues.

  • It's crunchy on the outside, and it has soft, spicy potatoes inside.

  • This is called a samosa.

  • We'd better sample them and see just how yummy they are.

  • Now, let's see if we can find some dessert.

  • We'll help you a soon as we finish this snack.

  • Well, I spy something round that shaped like a circle and its golden yummy nous thes air.

  • Some of miko and Chicos favorite snacks, and they're called Le Deuce.

  • Dues.

  • Latos are usually made with butter, flour, sugar and sometimes nuts.

  • Ray, this is the perfect snack for all kinds of celebrations.

  • May I offer you a tasty snack?

  • Like birthdays and holidays, you can celebrate any special day with the Ladue who had me it blood.

  • Do Miko and Chico Sure love sweets dio snacks in India are so yummy.

  • We just can't pick a favorite.

  • We just solved the case of the samosa and the LeDoux.

  • Come and solve more cases with Mirror Royal Detective on Disney Junior, We're on the case.

  • Let's hear it for me.

I'm Mira, royal Detective, and we're on the case.

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Samosas / Laddus ? | We're On the Case | Mira, Royal Detective | Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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