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  • I think I speak for so many people right now, which is we've been through hell the last two days, and I am finding that the mawr I watch television almost the less I know we've hit an inflection point.

  • If I see John King with that stupid map one more time, tell me about a district that hasn't come in yet.

  • In some part of the country, I've never heard of where there's six votes.

  • Maybe I'm going to start hitting people just randomly hitting people.

  • So tell me, first of all, we're taping this.

  • It is 11:30 a.m. And it is Thursday.

  • And so things may have changed dramatically.

  • By the time people watch this tonight, Do you think it's possible that we could have, um I'm not gonna call them the winner, but the major networks call a ah winner in this presidential contest today.

  • Could that happen?

  • You could have happened today.

  • I'll tell you the network.

  • So it's a very weird cycle, and I'll just say, compared to four years ago this week, I take this scenario is exhausting and as tedious as it is over what happened four years ago because I'll tell you, the view from both the Biden orbit and the Trump orbit is that Joe Biden is most likely the next president of the United States.

  • So a Trump source told me yesterday that these lawsuits, because other than the math, that's the other thing we're talking about on TV that these lawsuits are mostly designed and ordered up by the client.

  • Who's Donald Trump?

  • And if you remember, when his fixer, Michael Cohen, testified, you know who had the job of bringing a lot of lawsuits for Donald Trump when he was a private citizen?

  • They're usually without cause without merit, their their punitive there to settle scores or to settle grudges in Donald Trump's mind.

  • I think they are, too.

  • Save him or spare him from the humiliation of rejection, which, you know.

  • Folks that have followed his personal life know that that is the thing he fears.

  • More than anything.

  • I don't think he's afraid of not being in charge of the country.

  • I think he's afraid of being rejected.

  • He is petrified, petrified of losing.

  • Nobody likes to lose.

  • Um, I could speak personally.

  • You do get used to it, wrote custom to it in time it becomes a part of life.

  • But, uh, he fears it greatly, and I think what he really wants to do, in my opinion, is throw up a lot of dust, and I think what the trump strategy now is most likely I do not get a second term.

  • But what I want all of my followers to think is that we were robbed and it's almost It's a bloody shirt that he and his people and his family can wave for the next 20 years with whatever they're doing, and that's what it feels like.

  • This is all set up for.

  • That's what it is.

  • But that's how he governed us president when he wants.

  • When he won, it was all about getting robbed when he won four years ago.

  • Instead of being honored and humbled and um, reading for the first time and listening for the first time, he spent four years talking about being robbed and investigated and attacks he he never slid into the role.

  • This will be a much more comfortable adjustment to actually be rejected and to actually make up a cover story for it, then it was for him to have won four years ago.

  • I mean, he never made that leave.

  • So I think the flip side of this, which people in my line of work are doing a riel, I think injustice and not spending as much attention.

  • Talking about is that, yes, Donald Trump has most likely been rejected.

  • Joe Biden has most likely one.

  • After losing the first three Democratic primary contests spectacularly after being left for dead politically by the Democratic elite by the media, he went on to have this incredible victory in the South Carolina primary.

  • He then had Really You're talking about landslides in ways he had a landslide wave victory in Super Tuesday and then to beat a Republican.

  • In this age of Fox News, we talk about Fox because they're sort of the tallest building in that universe.

I think I speak for so many people right now, which is we've been through hell the last two days, and I am finding that the mawr I watch television almost the less I know we've hit an inflection point.

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Nicolle Wallace On Trump’s Legal Threats & Fear Of Rejection - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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