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  • Alright, perk.

  • You like this pie slices of pie.

  • Do you disagree with any of them?

  • Well, here's the thing CO.

  • I carry the Clippers all through the first round and part of this Siri's also he had one bad game.

  • I mean, you can't ask the man to do everything.

  • That's the reason that he's supposed to have a certified Robin and Paul George that I warned everyone about before the season started that Paul George has a history of disappearing in the playoffs, which he did this past season, which he did this past postseason.

  • And when you look at Paul George and close out games, he's shooting 33% from the field, 28% from the three.

  • So did that shot surprised me that he shot it off the side of the backboard.

  • Absolutely not.

  • He always freezes up In the big moments, I thought he was trying to actually pass the ball.

  • So some person in the virtual stands Rachel, what you in the virtual part of the virtual fans just today I've seen you drinking the colon, right?

  • But listen, here's the thing.

  • The Clippers, right.

  • The Clippers are going to break this up whether you like it or not.

  • I heard from the inside source.

  • They're all going to break this up.

  • They are going to break this up.

  • Well, well, listen, perk I agree with I agree with what you're saying.

  • I'm not blaming.

  • I'm not talking about how they got to.

  • This spot obviously quite played great in the first round.

  • Paul George struggled a little bit in the first round and and he started building off of that.

  • But here in this Siri's how they played in the first and the first four games versus how they played in the last three, we can't give all of this criticism to Yonas to James Harden toe all these other players and Kawai is coming off a great year.

  • We have to start pushing some of this like this is not what if you're gonna give everybody the number one title, this just can't happen.

  • And r.

  • J.

  • I'm not saying that you I'm not saying that, CO I doesn't deserve some criticism, But look, blue, Will Lou Will mantra is Harold couldn't guard a parked car last night in this Siri's Lou Will was horrible, horrible on the offensive end he was so worried about trademarking his limit pepper wings that he forgot what his and that's the provider.

  • Ah, bitch Production.

  • And I'm telling you, like I said before, Mark my words, they're gonna break this team up.

  • You just if you believe that, that's what they're gonna do.

  • Perk, then I ah, 100% trust you, but I just believe that you can build off.

  • This is not It is a championship or bust, but it's not the group championship or bust.

  • The group can grow.

  • The group can build.

  • They can use this stuff for opportunities for the future.

  • Look at you guys right now you disagree.

  • And yet the chemistry and the love and the family is still good.

  • So it could have thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Alright, perk.

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Kendrick Perkins’ inside information on the future of the LA Clippers | The Jump

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