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  • If the Packers are going to make a run to the Super Bowl, it is going to be up to the players on their roster.

  • Green Bay stood pat at the trade deadline despite a lack of production at the wide receiver position.

  • Once you get beyond Davante Adams and take a look at these numbers, Adams is more than double the production of every other receiver on the roster over the last two years, Alan hazardous second in each of these major categories, but he's missed the team's last four games while on injured reserve.

  • And so let me bring the conversation here first to Mr Graziano, our insider extraordinaire.

  • Why didn't the Packers get anything done yesterday?

  • Fundamentally, they believe they have a good enough team to contend for.

  • The Super Bowl, as is, is they already did in the off season.

  • And this is the Packers.

  • The way they operate their organization, it is draft and develop.

  • If you're going to trade significant draft picks for a player in season, it's not going to be a player that on Lee has two months left on his contract.

  • For example, we talked about Will Fuller, the Texans wide receiver as a potential option.

  • Green Bay just never got to the point where the price was appealing and made them feel like it was worth it in terms of sacrificing their big picture view for the short term.

  • And so the specific names that we came up with involved a bunch of receivers, particularly Texans.

  • Receivers like Will Fuller, for example, Do we know what it is the Texans were looking for for Will Fuller?

  • Specifically?

  • No.

  • But we know the Texans weren't gonna give him away.

  • They like him, and they understand that the Shawn Watson likes him and needs receivers to throw Thio.

  • They already took, uh, DeAndre Hopkins away from him.

  • So, uh, if he leaves, it will Fuller leaves at the end of the season is a free agent.

  • Texans probably end up recouping a third round compensatory draft pick as a result, so it makes sense to think that would have to give them more than a third round pick to get the guy and ah, a second round pick for the Packers is a big deal.

  • Davante Adams was a second round pick.

  • They really believe in the value of those picks as the foundation of their team and their perennial success.

  • All right, so that is where the Green Bay Packers and their legendary quarterback stand.

  • As of this morning, let me bring my football crew and for this morning and there they are.

  • Dominic Fox, worth David Pollock and the big fella D would are all ready to go today.

  • And Nick, let me start with you.

  • In your opinion, I'll put it as simply as I can.

  • Do you believe the Packers blew it, not making a deal for Will Fuller yesterday?

  • No, I don't think that they blew it, not making a deal.

  • I think their offense certainly could be better, but their offense hasn't been the huge problems so far this year.

  • The problem was on the defensive side of the ball, and the issues that they have on defense won't be solved by trading for one player there.

  • There's only few players out there that can make a big enough difference on the defense, and I don't think the teams are trying to trade players like that.

  • So I think the Packers were stuck in this situation.

  • I know draft and develop is normally their philosophy.

  • They've gone into free agency aggressively the last couple of years, But I don't think, um, selling the farm to try to make a run right now is the move that they should have made.

  • So, given what was on the table, I'm satisfied with the Packers that the Packers did nothing yesterday.

  • That's one vote for satisfied with nothing.

  • Damien, Woody, what do you vote for?

  • Mhm.

  • Why would I like to have seen to make a move?

  • But I just you know, the question is, who is going to be, you know, you're talking about Will Fuller will.

  • Full is a guy that you know, can obviously stretch the field, but he's also injury prone God.

  • And if you're a team like the Green Bay Packers that draft and develop, why would you give up?

  • You know, an asset.

  • You know, for a guy that you might not, you really came depend on because it's injury history.

  • So I would like to see another piece for Aaron Rodgers to make a good push, but I don't think there's really anyone out there for the Green Bay Packers to go out there and get all right so I can't get anyone to agree with me.

  • David Pollock.

  • Let me ask you this question as they're currently constructed.

  • Do you believe the Green Bay Packers or a Super Bowl team this season?

  • No.

  • And by the way, I just got annoyed big time with Nick and Woody because they said draft and develop.

  • Who the heck did they draft?

  • Jordan Love and A J Dillan, like the defense is up to a year ago, we knew this, right?

  • Like we knew this coming into the season.

  • So when you spend your first to pick, which is your most important players, they're gonna come in and make an immediate impact most of by the way.

  • Last year, Russia head over 200 yards from scrimmage destroyed you.

  • Hey, I might need to stop the run.

  • That might be a great idea.

  • By the way, we knew they needed help with Davante Adams.

  • Tee Higgins would look great, wouldn't they?

  • So I mean, the packers lost this on the draft night.

  • By the way, this is something that's going to continue to be a problem, their defense and gonna get better.

  • By the way, it's missed tackle after miss tackle after miss tackles so they could have brought somebody in.

  • It's not gonna help him right now.

  • I knew I liked this.

  • David Pollock is 100% right.

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If the Packers are going to make a run to the Super Bowl, it is going to be up to the players on their roster.

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