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  • one question is, what does Biden do?

  • Let's assume for a second that Biden is declared the victor and passes all of these lawsuits and is inaugurated.

  • How does he lead this country?

  • He doesn't have the Senate.

  • Um, he has he barely one by one of the finished margins.

  • There's been other very thin margins, obviously, but he won by a thin margin.

  • And how do you govern?

  • How do you get a country to come with you?

  • People talk about and Biden said it.

  • I want to unite this country.

  • I don't know if this country is united ble.

  • I'm I'd like to think of myself with a Knop to mystic person, but I think sometimes think, sort of an alien invasion.

  • We're all of us have to come together and fight the aliens that air coming to get us from, you know, Planet Z bar.

  • Um, we don't know what's gonna bring us together.

  • Well, look, I would argue that that have 40%.

  • The country wouldn't believe they were aliens.

  • They would think they were, you know, Nancy Pelosi's pet dragons.

  • I mean, I don't even think I mean, look, I thought about this This I think about this all the time because, as you know, I worked for a president who on 9 11 had the privilege of having a very united country.

  • For a while, I mean, some of his decisions became among the most polarizing in modern presidential history.

  • But for a spell, he had a very united country, and American people did more than their part.

  • They overcame fear.

  • They went back on airplanes.

  • Um, within weeks or months, people were flying on airplanes again.

  • Um, and I think that if that happened now, I think t if you look at the resistance story mass can imagine if 9 11 happened now and the leader now had to convince people that had to throw away their liquids, take off their shoes and be frisked, sometimes briskly.

  • I think half the country would say, you know, screw you.

  • Yeah, that's violates my That violates my rights.

  • I have a right to get on an airplane with a bottle of weird liquid on.

  • Don't want anyone touching May.

  • Yeah, so it couldn't be ungovernable equipped.

  • But here's my thought about how Biden moves forward.

  • I mean, people just have thio put there their mouths and their tweets and their behavior.

  • You know where their complaints have been.

  • And for all the people that complained mightily about what Trump was and who he waas, um, it would appear that the countryside with that and they're about to get rid of someone that was leading our country down an autocratic, the spotted path, it would appear.

  • And again, it's not done.

  • It would appear that a plurality of people, I mean, the popular vote.

  • I think Joe Biden's lead this more than four million, and I think he'll end up with a sizable electoral margin that the people pick the good guy, not the autocrat.

  • And so I think and and this is always, easier to say from the other side of the aisle.

  • But I think Democrats will have to resist the temptation to go to war with themselves.

  • It is a huge deal.

  • Thio win in this climate where 40% of country doesn't just disagree with Joe Biden but as you said, thinks he's a socialist, you know, whatever Kunin called and pedophile.

  • So I think I think people and for all the Republicans that came out the Lincoln Project, those people have to be part of his governing coalition.

  • And if he tries to reform Cream Court, all the people that tried to get rid of Trump have to work for Joe Biden and Kamila Harris is success.

one question is, what does Biden do?

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Nicolle Wallace On How Biden Moves Forward If Elected - CONAN on TBS

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