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  • can you walk me through?

  • The first time I had punched the ball from juju, nothing was really going well for either team.

  • And so the spark really needed to be made.

  • And I try to make this part When you're gonna try to punch the ball, you gotta make sure you're secure.

  • Tackle juju had ran over out and catch the ball.

  • I hate it.

  • The balls just bounce.

  • And slowly, and I'm like, I think I get the ball.

  • Yeah.

  • You okay?

  • I'm Charles Peanut, too.

  • I was an all pro cornerback for the Chicago Bears back in those days.

  • My cleaning fame was the peanut punch.

  • Yeah, Peanut Tillman.

  • He's the best to do it.

  • Trials.

  • Peanut Tillman.

  • No.

  • Chicago Bears this legend, but since retirement, things have been pretty good.

  • I love spending time with my family.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Nope.

  • Dad, you ruined my video.

  • I'm gonna wait, Daniel.

  • Billy.

  • Not today.

  • And hanging out with my teammates.

  • You gotta taste these cookies, Dog.

  • I learned this great American bacon showdown.

  • You look at the skills, baby.

  • Look at them joints right there.

  • Right.

  • Hey, no, Come on, man.

  • Honestly, Between you and me, I still got it.

  • Now people always ask me why the name Peanut Well, at birth, my aunt say he looked like a peanut.

  • I mean, look at me.

  • So I'm a little guy.

  • I can't hit that hard, So why not punch it?

  • Mhm.

  • Let's just say there's running back with the ball.

  • He's made a cut.

  • Somebody's already hit him going one direction and you're coming down from a linebacker or D V position.

  • That's the perfect time for a punch.

  • Especially nowadays, I feel like tackling is almost a lost art.

  • People are so enamored with getting the ball out.

  • Fred Warner punches out three football's game practice.

  • That's what he does.

  • Mhm.

  • They never have all five points of pressure on the ball.

  • So once you see the air pocket gotta be quick, precise and have a little bit of force behind it.

  • It definitely makes you realize how tight you to hold on to that thing.

  • Lapetina punch!

  • The crowd goes, Wow!

  • Yeah, house!

  • Bottom line The future of the peanut punch.

  • It's in good hands.

  • No peanut punch.

  • That's something I really take the heart.

  • When I say hut, you gotta go.

  • Mhm!

  • Ready, down.

  • Set hut Nothing.

  • This skinny gallon changed the game forever, You know, to it's the thing that I think a lot of corners, you know, are all kind of adding to their game on second dog.

  • Hey, Marlon, some of those royalty checks and you're welcome.

  • Yeah.

can you walk me through?

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How the ‘Peanut Punch' play originated | NFL Countdown

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