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  • are you?

  • This is that you?

  • Are you serious money?

  • So I think take a deep with addict reference.

  • Oh, today we're trying loss often or snail noodles.

  • They're one of the most popular noodles in China.

  • People love them so much that they've made instant versions and die hard fans throw snail noodle parties where they try different brands on.

  • The thing that makes them stand out is the smell.

  • Oh, you smell it from here that then we should.

  • So this is the thing that makes its many you ever have, like the fermented tofu.

  • Yeah, it's not as bad as that.

  • But we wanted to know what the real thing tastes like.

  • So we went to Leo Joe, where the dishes from and found This lady has been making snail noodles for over 40 years.

  • The soup is a bone broth, which is slow cooked overnight.

  • It's made with pork bones, chicken bones, soybeans, cardamom, fennel seeds, dried tangerine peels, cassia bark and, of course, river snails, which give it a mild sweetness.

  • Next day, Leo prepares the toppings.

  • There's fried tofu skin, which adds a bit of crunch black fungus for some chewiness peanuts for their rich flavor chili peppers for spicy kick and pickled bamboo shoots, which gives the dish it's unique.

  • Taste e the rice noodles air cooked in the soup and served in a bowl.

  • Some shops might throw in an egg or a few chunks of meat on there's chili oil on the side for people who want an extra spicy kick.

  • E Theo Yo Ho is in Guangxi region in southwestern China.

  • Known for its strong, spicy flavors, the region is mountainous and was historically poor, so preserved vegetables and pickled ingredients are also widely used.

  • Snail noodle became known outside the region when it was featured in a 2012 documentary called A Bite of China.

  • But they really became popular when food makers in the Ojo started experimenting with new processing techniques that preserved the freshness of ingredients.

  • Um, if you went Teoh, a restaurant in the Soho and had these noodles, people say that they will taste exactly like these instant ones.

  • The coronavirus pandemic spurred even more demand for instance, snail noodles, and since then factories have tried to keep up with the frenzy.

  • The noodles have even been called China's national dish e like it It's tangy and spicy.

  • Um, uh, Broth is quite good, actually.

  • Before Leo, whose little stall is in a Backstreet of lujo, snail noodles are still a very local dish.

  • E sand, Daddy, e o E Things isn't just just like maybe there no snails, You know, I don't What is across knowing it all dissolves, snails, dissolves snail news.

  • There's enough.

  • There's a bit of chili in there.

  • I'm gonna break out in a sweat.

  • Uh, yeah, Xgo chili.

  • I'm, you know, I'm a little soft when it comes to these things.

  • With sensitive.

  • Maybe is a better way.

  • Oh, okay.

are you?

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How China’s ‘Smelliest’ Noodles Are Made

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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