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  • not a basketball.

  • The MBA's Board of Governors and Players Association will hold separate meetings today expected to culminate with an agreement on starting the 2020 21 season on December 22nd and play reduced to 72 game schedule.

  • Sources have told ESPN The players association is planning to take a formal vote of the team player representatives late today and sources told ESPN that everything is progressing toward an agreement on a pre Christmas start to the season.

  • So here's what awaits when we finally get to play basketball.

  • Brian Wynne, horse Now with what's at stake.

  • Oh, here we are again trying to figure out when the MBA might play and what it might look like.

  • What about free agency fans in Arena?

  • The clock is ticking on a viable season.

  • Here's the situation, eh?

  • NBA owners want the new season to begin on December 22nd, but some of the players want that pushed back to Martin Luther King Day on January 18th.

  • A normal N B A season starting in October and going to mid June runs about 245 days from December 22nd to the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics next July 23rd, which the MBA absolutely does not want to compete with is just 213 days.

  • If the lead weights until MLK Day, it's a span of 186 days until the start of the Olympics.

  • Simply put, this is the time crunch the players and owners air facing as they try to put together next season.

  • We're going to see Christmas Day games.

  • We have to to start this fast after the season just ended.

  • It is a bad move.

  • So this is the league's plan.

  • It wants to add about 1 to 2 extra games per team per month, which would also mean more back to backs and making it harder on players.

  • It wants to find ways to reduce travel by 25% or more, making it easier on players.

  • And it wants to perhaps have teams play each other several times in a row in the same city.

  • Doing this would make it possible to play 72 games plus the full playoffs.

  • In that span.

  • It would enable teams to retain more than one billion that they get in local media deals each year.

  • Most of those contracts call for at least 70 games.

  • But if it isn't started until mid January, owners have told players there might be time for just 50 some games per team.

  • That will mean a significant loss in TV revenue and with the reduced game checks heavy losses for the players financially, the players are going to take a big hit this year.

  • This is why there is so much back and forth because the salaries air really being affected.

  • Take LeBron James.

  • He is supposed to make 39 million next season.

  • If there are 72 games, his salary will be reduced to 34 million.

  • If there are only 50 games, it would drop to 24 million.

  • Multiply this over all 450 players in the league and the loss of salary by waiting the extra four weeks could cost the players more than 500 million in salaries.

  • That doesn't include the reductions players might have to take to offset losses, with no fans expected in arenas, which could chop off another 30 to 40%.

  • And none of this accounts for the possible postponed or canceled games due to co vid 19 outbreaks in case they happen.

  • All of this is hard.

  • Much of it is tough to accept.

  • But it's the reality, and the time keeps ticking by.

  • So I'm also told Brian Wind Horse, Who did that?

  • Report forces literally standing by for when news breaks.

  • It's gonna hop on this live television program, love it.

  • But until then, we will show you his tracked voice and show you some proposed dates.

  • The NBA draft, by the way, here in the ESPN is they've been they've taken our green rooms for.

  • They're gone for the MBA.

  • Sure.

  • I assume Adam Silver is gonna be one of them.

  • He will.

  • I'll show him where the beverages are cool and started the season proposed December 22nd.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

not a basketball.

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