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  • we're gonna go stock up.

  • I'm going to go with my man Joe, burrow out in Cincinnati, and every once in a while you get these number one picks that breathe life into an organization.

  • We saw it with Peyton Manning.

  • Okay, we saw it with Andrew Luck.

  • Those those rare guys that had the rare attributes that come in and just do wonders for an organization.

  • And that's what we're seeing from a man.

  • Joe burrow the confidence and the swagger that he plays with with that organization you're talking about about who's getting beat up weekend and week out behind that offensive line, but still finds himself completing the most passes of any quarterback in the National Football League.

  • I employ the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • Please, please surround this guy, especially upfront, because if you do that, this man right here is gonna be special.

  • And also in the National Football League, Dan Orlovsky said some similar stuff earlier in the week about please put pieces around him.

  • Spend the money it takes to put the pieces around him, and he is taking a beating.

  • But he has been spectacular.

  • So that stock up in this edition of Woodstock who's stuck down this week.

  • D would.

  • Man, we keep going back to the City of Brotherly Love with Carson Wentz and listen.

  • Everyone had keeps having this vision of Carson wins from 2017 and how he almost won the M V P.

  • Well, guess what?

  • That's not the guy that's playing right now.

  • You know the guy that's playing right now.

  • The guy has the most turnovers in the National Football League, the most sex taken in the National Football League.

  • That's the guy that we're seeing week out.

  • And we weekend and week out with the Philadelphia Eagles and listen there in a prime position in the horrible division with all of these suckers out there.

  • The Dallas Cowboys, the you know, the New York football Giants, the Washington, the Washington football team all he has to do.

  • Okay, it's not mess it up.

  • I can't even use the word I wanted.

  • You don't mess it up, okay?

  • We you know, we Disney will national football were on national tv.

  • Just don't mess it up, Carson.

  • You're playing too much hero ball.

  • Chill out.

  • Give the ball to your playmaker.

  • You win the division, brother.

  • Come on, man do better than what you're doing.

  • So that is this week's edition of Woodstock, which if history is any guide, it will be the only edition of Woodstock.

  • But eso Lewis, let me come to you on that because I feel the need to remind people all the time.

  • They did draft a quarterback on the second round last year and Jalen hurts, but they are also tied to whence financially for two more seasons.

  • So where do you see the Eagles?

  • As far as their quarterback situation right now, they're not going to Jalen hurts.

  • It's not.

  • That's just that's just not what they're gonna dio.

  • When they drafted him like this was this was a long term plan.

  • They knew that that that the number two quarterback in 2021 was gonna be a situation where they weren't gonna have him under contract anymore.

  • Nate Sudfeld.

  • So they needed Thio to draft a quarterback like Jalen and then take their time and develop him and bring him along because they didn't feel as though he was ready at that time.

  • Now I understand people go well.

  • Why do you drafted in the second round?

  • Well, that's a whole different discussion.

  • But the point of the matter is this.

  • Look, they are in the middle.

  • They are in the thick of it.

  • As far as the playoff race.

  • Who gives them the best chance toe win when you really sit back and objectively evaluated?

  • Given where Jalen Hurts is in his development, it's Carson Wentz.

  • Of course, his turnovers are ridiculous.

  • Of course, the hero ball is something we talk about every week, and every time you watch him do that kind of stuff, you just drop your head and shake your head.

  • But they're not gonna look.

  • I think for them right now to make a move toe.

  • But Jalen Hurts in there would set this offense even further back.

  • When people say, Well, just give the just give the ball to your playmakers.

  • Let them do the work.

  • That's part of the problem.

  • Their playmakers air always hurt their playmakers.

  • Always on the bench, their offensive line has been decimated.

  • This is a team that two years in a row now just can't keep the same supporting cast on the field and what, quite honestly, they're limping to the finish line.

  • So what gives them the best chance when Carson isn't turning over the football, which seems to be few and far between in terms of frequency.

  • Right now, he gives them the best chance they're in a bad situation because he needs to play better and their team around him is just letting them down because they're not available.

  • So this is gonna have to make do for the rest of this year and then re evaluated in the off season.

  • Having said all of that in IK, we talked a little on this show together, you and I about Carson Wentz.

  • Do you, Dominique still believe, based upon just how bad the division is, that the Eagles wind up winning it that Carson Wentz and the Eagles, whatever the record is that it takes, will wind up coming out of the NFC least.

  • I mean, they have to.

  • I don't understand how they lose this game.

  • They are the best team that's left.

  • You have a Super Bowl winning coach, and I know they've lost a lot of the great coaches that they had underneath him, including Frank Reich, who's gone on to Indianapolis and is doing some decent things there.

  • But I think that there's no way they're going toe win by default because these other teams just are, like, actually bad football teams.

  • I think the Eagles are playing like a bad football team but have some talent and hopefully we'll get healthy in those areas.

  • But those other guys, those other teams in the division, are actually very bad football teams and would be blowing out in every other division.

  • So I think the Eagles find a way to stumble backwards into another division championship.

  • Kind of like they did last year.

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we're gonna go stock up.

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