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  • after a historic 2020 season in the bubble, many questions about the 2021 season are now cropping up Jimmy Butler's confidence in his team.

  • That hasn't changed when asked about next season following the heats lost last night.

  • Well, let's just say he was confident about the Heat returning to the finals.

  • Take a listen, training in the right direction.

  • Way we're gonna learn from this.

  • We're gonna get better.

  • Um, we're gonna come back.

  • We're gonna come back.

  • We'll be back as we were all saying in that locker room, Um, but we just got guys that want to do it.

  • We got guys that already want to get back in the gym and get toe working at this thing.

  • So let's look ahead to next season.

  • Caesar's William Hill released their 2021 MBA title favorites.

  • Remember, this is for gambling purposes.

  • Not necessarily MBA experts, but they say the Lakers are favorites to repeat, followed by the Clippers, Bucks, Warriors and Nets to round out the top five.

  • Miami has the seventh best odds on that list.

  • Richard, I am interested in who you think has the tougher road back to the finals next year, the Lakers or the Heat?

  • Oh, I think it's the Miami Heat without a doubt, but I also look at their roster and and I believe if they add some, you know, one or two pieces and again we're talking about a team that wasn't entirely healthy.

  • But they dominated the Eastern Conference and Tyler hero Duncan Robinson bam out of by all of these guys, they're gonna be one of the tougher road.

  • But I still think that they're gonna be have a tougher road back then the Lakers.

  • But I'm talking about the Miami Heat really dominated the Eastern Conference, but it's still going to be a tougher road back for them.

  • In my opinion, I think they both have incredible.

  • I think the Lakers probably have the tougher road, but they also have LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

  • So by definition that road isn't is tough.

  • I think is Miami's.

  • But the story is with the Warriors and then that's we just get these microwaved out of nowhere.

  • Championship contenders back Luca Don t which is going to get even better next year.

  • The end is going to be absolutely loaded, the Clippers going another year of seasoning after whenever the heck happened to them in the bubble, both conferences air absolutely loaded.

  • Both teams are gonna have to fight, like all heck to get out of their conferences.

  • No, I'm super interested in what happens with the bucks next year.

  • Obviously, they know that Yannis and Jacopo will be on the show me kind of situation, right?

  • We don't know for sure that he should be going to show me the way.

  • Don't know for sure he won't pick up that Supermax.

  • But it certainly would seem that a good idea for him would be to make the bucks prove it to him one more season.

  • So they will be in a more desperate situation.

  • And I think you guys are right about the Clippers.

  • Just I mean, just cause it doesn't work the first year doesn't mean it's not gonna work.

  • LeBron and the heat.

  • Well, Richard, the Cavaliers did not win a title in 2015.

  • They want a title in 2000 and 13.

  • That's what you're Well, obviously they waited for me to get there, which is smart.

  • I don't know about all of that.

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after a historic 2020 season in the bubble, many questions about the 2021 season are now cropping up Jimmy Butler's confidence in his team.

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Lakers or Heat: Who has the tougher road back to the Finals in 2021? | The Jump

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