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  • Every year, everyday, thousands of people fall victim to FWP.

  • I'm so cold.

  • I'm starving!

  • No one cares about me.

  • Also known as First World Problems.

  • I'm so cold. Someone set the AC to 72. I NEED IT AT 73!

  • I'm starving. All I have is leftovers!

  • No one cares about me. Nobody's liked or commented on my status.

  • Hi. I'm Ryan Higa and for just 5 hours of attention a day, you could help somebody with FWP.

  • Everybody just keeps putting so much pressure on me. I don't know what I want for my birthday.

  • I have too much chips for my dip. If I open a new dip, I will have too dip for my chips.

  • Why does Apple keep making iPhones? Now I have to get another one.

  • They've been through so much struggle.

  • The remote is over there, but I am all the way over here.

  • So much hardship.

  • My iPhone 5 is too big for my skinny jeans!

  • So much attention attention attention attention.

  • I poured the cereal without checking to see if we had milk. We didn't.

  • So please show your support, and send them this video. And show them how much we care about their FWP's.

  • I bought too may groceries. Now I have to make two trips!

  • All you have to do is call the URL 1-800-DOT-ORG. And we'll send you the FWP helping kit

  • which includes a bridge, a straw, and a full cup with a cover.

  • Here's a bridge. Now get over it.

  • Here's a straw. Now suck it up.

  • Here's a full cup. Now shut the full cup up.

  • With your help we can put an end to FWP's, and focus on the real problems like starving children or homeless people.

  • Cause if you're complaining about something as silly as the iPhone 5, just wait till you see the iPhone 6.

  • Oh this? This is the iPhone 5S. This is the iPhone 6!

Every year, everyday, thousands of people fall victim to FWP.

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First World Problems

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    VoiceTube posted on 2014/06/21
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