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  • as we witnessed the indestructible support for President Trump from Florida to Ohio, many wonder how this could have happened again.

  • Or put another way, What the fuck was that the media will answer?

  • That was Donald Trump, a racist, pseudo billionaire, lifelong sexual crime lord Fail, son of a Klansman slumlord who seized a frustrated country in a vulnerable moment to enrich himself and his trauma recycling family of overindulged, simple tins.

  • But I posit that much like the toilet shattering aftermath of Red Lobster's endless Parad I'll coconut shrimp banquet.

  • Trump is not a deviation from the norm, but a culmination.

  • He banned Muslims like they were 19th century Italians, Chinese Jews, Greeks, Poles, Irish and Muslims encouraged police to brutalize people as they have since their invention.

  • A slave patrol.

  • And he lied to us as if we were the indigenous people betrayed by pilgrims who came here seeking the simple religious freedom toe hang women.

  • You get it.

  • Under President Obama, the Republican Wall Street alliance allowed their anti tax zealots to fan the flames of racism, conspiracy and violence than elevate the least effective president just in time for the most effective populist decimating pandemic a better leader could have wielded the power of the world's greatest, most complicated, expensive, corrupt Racists and untrustworthy healthcare system.

  • They could have normalized safety precautions in mask wearing to a nation full of anti vaxxers who think shots are full of microscopic five G Jewish cellphone towers and fragile men who think masking up to avoid an avoidable death sounds pretty gay.

  • But what could never have occurred, sadly, didn't.

  • So how could the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, Reagan, Giuliani and Katrina let Trump happen?

  • It's a Ziff.

  • They've suddenly become a party of aggrieved white people on a suicide mission for tax cuts and demographic hegemony.

  • Forest long as their judicial appointees careers last or the raging wildfires swallow the courts, Hole and white didn't elected.

  • Democrats fight Trump with the same relentless nous with which they sold out workers, built jails, abandoned public health care, bailed out banks, painted slogans on bloody streets and found in Armani pantsuit that doesn't clash with kente cloth.

  • It's as if powerful opposition outside already broken norms might have threatened their institutional position as the hip, lovable underdogs who clean up the other guys messes.

  • These questions remain and It remains to be seen what Trump's regime will mean henceforth.

  • For a country now unable to ignore the fast hardening varicose veins bulging from its aged institutions.

  • America that once shining slave colony on a hill that became a democracy toppling empire of moronic greed and still shines as the world's gilded ass crack, Many hope Joe Biden can more smoothly manage our decline into a neo feudalistic cage scape of trillionaire surveillance tycoons.

  • They're hired goon bots and legions of gig juggling peasants limb Boeing ever further, under the poverty line, their wages is stagnant as the water they light on fire for warmth, indebted for life from their pointless over education to fill interchangeable slots in a fake meritocracy that no longer exists.

  • Sometimes the mail is delivered.

  • No one can say for sure what old lady history was trying to whisper in America's ear, but these last four years it chose Donald Trump to do so.

  • And that says an awful lot.

  • Perhaps that's all will tell our Children about this chapter in the history of our newly bottom tier oligarchy.

  • Yes, millions of them will be too hungry to pay attention, but let's test them on it anyway.

  • And whether the president's last name is Biden or Trump, let's not turn the page.

  • Let's wait a month before giving Kellyanne Conway a CNN contract.

  • Let's pay attention to the Southern District of New York's attempts to hold Trump accountable, not let him live out an odd couple scenario with Roman Polanski.

  • Let's investigate the coronavirus failure 9 11 style.

  • So when Don Jr assumes the presidency, he'll understand how he'll be held to account.

  • And let's remember the Golden Truth inside the rotten cyst of crystal puke that is, American individual is, um, if we make life better for everyone, we risk ending up enjoying it together.

as we witnessed the indestructible support for President Trump from Florida to Ohio, many wonder how this could have happened again.

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"What the F--- Just Happened?" A Retrospective on the Last Four Years by Dr. Ike Bloom

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/05
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