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  • Hey, what's what do we do about voter suppression in this country?

  • There, really, it does seem, and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and be show my true colors.

  • But I think it's quite clear that a big part of the Republican playbook is to get fewer people to vote.

  • That's possible.

  • Uh, what do we do about that?

  • Well, we need the courts.

  • This is what happened in 2012, when Romney lost the Republican Party, decided that we're going to do and what's called an autopsy.

  • You remember that they called it an autopsy, and I'm going to see what, what what went wrong.

  • And so they did this comprehensive looking things, and they just said, Oh, I see.

  • There's, Ah lot of Latinos and other people of color that are young and there joining the roles the voting rolls, and we have to appeal to them and find ways to improve their lives.

  • And then a lot of guys that Republican Party went like or we could suppress their votes.

  • We know how to do that.

  • It's exactly what happened, is why it's funny.

  • The truth.

  • You know, Conan, I don't know if you've been talked this?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, Truth is funny.

  • Truth is funny.

  • Truth is funny when it said correctly, Uh, what do you think?

  • Let's say let's say that things play out as they appear to be playing out now and Trump is not able to change the outcome.

  • And, Trump, uh, Joe Biden becomes our next president.

  • How do you feel about expanding the court?

  • Well, my feeling is is that Biden?

  • Should he be president?

  • I think he will will be president for four years.

  • And I think his message to this court should be if you're gonna, like, overturn role, which I think, you know, that's obviously what the Federalist Society was doing.

  • The you know, Coney Barrett as as, uh, Cavanaugh.

  • You know what was vetted by the Federalist Society and the Federalist Society on Lee has the only, uh, dominates her picks people who are against Roe and against the a c A.

  • So we know exactly where she waas, and she wouldn't answer it.

  • And the Republicans who keep going like, have you talked to President Trump about the Affordable care act?

  • No.

  • Have you talked to President Trump?

  • Did he ask you to overturn Roe v.

  • Wayne?

  • No, it's like no Democrats.

  • Democrats should have been going like, um, But you were picked by the federal society and they talked to Trump all the time, right?

  • Oh, yeah, yeah.

  • I mean, it's very clear.

  • So if they do that, if they overturn the Affordable Care Act, which provides, I mean, make sure that people with pre existing conditions in this country can can get health insurance and not pay a penalty for that.

  • And if they overturn Roe v.

  • Wade or make it impossible to for women to get services in a state which they states try to do all the time, then I think Biden should say, If you do that kind of stuff, I'm gonna have no choice because they stole by blocking Merrick Garland member.

  • He was nominated in February after Scalia died in February, and the Republicans said, Uh oh, no, it's during a campaign years during an election year, and then Coney Barrett was sworn in eight days before.

  • Yeah, yeah, no, it was That was that was so that's two seats that we feel we're that we felt were stolen, and that's why we would feel it was being within our rights.

  • Thio put for extra judges on the court.

  • Right?

  • But you don't want to go there unless you you know, unless they show bad faith and they're going to Yeah.

  • Um, they already have.

  • They already have.

  • Let's face it.

Hey, what's what do we do about voter suppression in this country?

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Al Franken On Voter Suppression & Packing The Courts - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/05
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