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  • it is something that is obviously legal.

  • And people have the right Thio demand a recount.

  • And if that happens, we will be patient.

  • And we have great people at Elections Commission that will supervise that process as well as the people and our communities and S O that will play out just just in passing.

  • I know when Jill Stein requested that four years ago from the Green Party, it took 10 days.

  • So it wasn't necessarily a burden to two people.

  • It's certainly is a high hurdle, and I think insurmountable, uh, hurdle eso.

  • But what I think about it, that's not my business at the Trump campaign.

  • Wants to have a recall.

  • They'll have a recall.

  • They have that right.

  • We'll get that done and we'll move forward.

  • But it is reflective of frankly, our state our state is on always has been very contested.

  • Uh, bipartisan state.

  • And so we work together to get what we can get accomplished.

  • Thank you.

it is something that is obviously legal.

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Trump has 'right' to recount, Wisconsin governor says

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/05
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