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  • How did you two meet?

  • Mhm.

  • Graham prosecuted my case.

  • My God, I don't think what you did.

  • Yeah, I'm so do you Are you are?

  • I'm so sorry.

  • Of course.

  • E.

  • Remember now you were sucking up Thio.

  • You were a little, but that makes you smart.

  • But to be fair, Peg was already released when we, um, squished your sweetmeat.

  • Christ, I'm going way See that you're touched down in that way too far.

  • Get your touched down in that chair.

  • I made a casserole.

  • Come on, You don't do that again.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I do have a real question for you, though.

  • Do you approve of what she does for a living?

  • I don't need his approval.

  • He's the law.

  • I think you do, But I'm not breaking laws.

  • You're not doing good either.

  • You hurt people.

  • That's what you think.

  • I dio I collect from people who knowingly spent money that they don't have.

  • I just don't want anyone to get hurt.

  • I'm hurting anyone.

  • And that's what you don't understand.

  • And you don't understand Lawyer man way in.

  • I am not at liberty to discuss ongoing investigations.

  • What do you mean?

  • Oh, well, that doesn't sound so good.

  • I will say this though.

  • My grandfather had a large medical bill that was sent to collections and the agency took his house on a default judgment.

  • They didn't tell the day of the trial, so we had no way of fighting back.

  • Judgment came down Bam!

  • He's living on the street.

  • By the time we could gather everything to counter Sue, he died off of what?

  • Pennies on the dollar.

  • You see, pay.

  • That's what you're doing to people.

  • You've got to stop.

  • No, you need to close shop.

  • Settle down, Settle down.

  • Would you ever say that to JJ?

  • I've never heard you want to say that to jail because my God, Davey, What happened?

  • Thio JJ down.

  • What happened to you was fine.

  • Like you said trying to take my bar back.

  • What?

  • You What did you say to him?

  • My God, Are you going todo I didn't tell them anything.

  • You think he would stand up for himself without you telling these freaking flies?

  • There are so many fucking flies in here and it's that fucking thing.

  • What?

  • I'm done with this shit.

  • Don't touch my buffalo.

  • Can't stand it anymore.

  • You put that back pay disgusting.

  • Either it goes or ideo.

  • You know what, then You do because that buffalo doesn't cause trouble.

  • And you do.

  • So just let me get this straight for one second.

  • You're choosing a dead buffalo over your own daughter.

  • Don't answer that.

How did you two meet?

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Buffaloed (2020) - Dysfunctional Dinner Scene (6/7) | Movieclips

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/11/05
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