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  • - Hi, this is Lindsay Rose Medoff from Suay Sew Shop,

  • and here are three ways to fight fashion waste at home.

  • Number one, loving your clothes make them last.

  • We're always taught

  • to not have a sentimental attachment to clothing,

  • but we need to be more attached to the things that we buy

  • 'cause those items took natural resources

  • and labor to create.

  • The longer you hold onto things,

  • the less of an impact it's gonna have on the environment.

  • Number two, mending matters.

  • Every time you patch your clothes

  • instead of throwing them in the trash,

  • that's gonna extend the life of them

  • and reduce the impact on the planet.

  • Number three is to share your sustainability story.

  • Tell your friends and family what you're up to.

  • Tell them about choosing used, recycling, remade, upcycling.

  • Tell them that there are other options

  • besides buying brand-new clothing.

  • The only way that we're gonna make massive positive change

  • on the planet, is by doing it together.

  • (gentle upbeat music continues)

(gentle upbeat music)

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How Can You Make Your Clothes Last? // Presented by Hyundai

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/05
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