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  • now.

  • You asked how you can help.

  • We want federal legislation granting Negroes the right to vote unencumbered.

  • And we want federal protocol eliminating the decades long dismissal and illegal denial of Black seeking to vote.

  • And we want robust enforcement off that protocol.

  • Well, that's fine, but most of the South is still not desegregated.

  • Let's not start another battle when we haven't even won the first.

  • And you know what the next battle should be?

  • The eradication poverty.

  • I'm calling it the war on poverty.

  • It's a matter of political priorities.

  • Poverty is gonna be my focus at home.

  • And I want you to help Help me with this.

  • We could make big changes in these things for people of all colors.

  • And I know that matters to you, doesn't it?

  • This voting thing is just gonna have to wait it.

  • It can't wait, Mr.

  • President.

  • Well, why not?

  • Because there have been thousands of racially motivated murders in the South, including those four girls.

  • Well, I know that.

  • And you know the astounding fact that not one of these criminals who murder us when and why they want has ever been convicted.

  • Yeah, I know.

  • We have a lot of work to do down.

  • Not one conviction, because they are protected by fight officials chosen by an all white electorate.

  • And on the rare occasions that they face trial, they are freed by all quite jewelry's all white because you can't serve on a jury unless you are registered to vote.

  • Well, Dr King, you've certainly given me something, Thio.

  • Think about what?

  • This administration is going to set this aside for a while.

  • Just for a while, you understand?


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