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  • I had to create my own form of higher education.

  • But, you know, I'm prison wasn't all that bad.

  • Not all the best professors air at Yale and Harvard.

  • Hooking ain't worth the hassle anymore.

  • Thinking about going into phone sexing Francis?

  • Yeah.

  • Can you give me a run down of the market in here?

  • That's how through bad hurt Becker.

  • Yeah, she's really tough.

  • So they call her back her because she's like a defensive end for the bills.

  • Okay, but what does she provide?

  • Uh, tp cigs.

  • Tamps pads, cup of noodles.

  • Okay, fine.

  • What doesn't she provide?

  • Oh, yogurt to smokes to buy.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Yogurt to smokes, a tube yogurts to smokes a tube.

  • Give me them Gert's bitch.

  • You must be back.

  • Give me them Gertz, or I'm gonna break your tiny little ass into okay, Why come to some sort of agreement?

  • I'm making lots of friends in here.

  • That's not that bad.

  • Shut it.

  • I know you had your brother sneaking them yogurt cups.

  • Your tubes, Ma.

  • Hey, Rana.

  • Hey.

  • JJ is a good boy.

  • He works 14 hours a day.

  • He doesn't have time for your schemes.

  • Freaking hours, a day.

  • Doing what?

  • Bye.

  • The Eggers just took over the payments.

  • Why are you talking to me?

  • Because I can't hear you when you're drying and talking at the same time.

  • Jenny in here.

  • You had enough, Jenny.

  • Okay, you could have a pop.

  • We got orange pop, great pop and cherry pop.

  • You got a cornucopia pop there.

  • Watch the SAS, Rhonda.

  • Hey, you're good, okay?

  • Don't dang it.

  • God dang it.

  • What?

  • Uh, the other line.

  • Other line.

  • Like Like as in collectors.

  • And still after you.

  • Uh huh.

  • Those ass is air calling.

  • Looking for you.

  • Sorry for me.

  • My debts.

  • Not too steep.

  • They're not looking for me.

  • It grew restitution court fees, fines.

  • Plus that whole rigmarole with your victims doing for emotional distress.

  • That case was thrown out.

  • So that's not That's not that That path.

  • Well, your lawyer's fees weren't so How much you push him?

  • $50,000.

  • Peg, come back.

  • J j Yeah.

  • You hang up the phone for me, please.

  • Habegger.

  • Oh, God Fucking damn it!

  • Refrain from damaging prison property.

  • Carol, it's me.

  • Peg, please stop busting my balls, you know?

  • Sorry.

  • Beg.

  • Okay.

  • Ready?

  • Yeah, I'm ready.

I had to create my own form of higher education.

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