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  • What is your prediction?

  • I gotta ask.

  • Um, let's say you think we're two days away.

  • Maybe from getting ah declared Victor in this race, I actually think it would be longer.

  • I think the recounts will be longer because on each state has different has different rules.

  • But I think Wisconsin has a certain period by which it has.

  • The recount would have to be done.

  • And it is, I think, further out in two days.

  • So this is gonna take a while.

  • And what's your eventual prediction, then?

  • Well, my my prediction is, is that Biden wins Wisconsin, They wins Michigan and I don't know Pennsylvania.

  • There's so many votes out there again because they don't start counting the absentee ballots until Election Day.

  • Arizona.

  • It looks like it's been called, I believe by AP and by Fox.

  • Nevada just talked to Harry Reid, who the former majority leader, who was senator from Nevada, and he says it's going to be close, but they're winning.

  • Hey, believes that.

  • So I think we're gonna win that.

  • And then Georgia, uh, I don't know.

  • And North Carolina, I actually think that might go trump, but it's the question will be what will Trump do?

  • And you know that knowing the man hey, is going to try to steal this thing.

  • And I said all along that the only way he doesn't steal it is if he can't.

  • Yeah, and eso the American people have to have their eyes wide open.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, well, it does.

  • Maybe I'm being naive.

  • But it does seem like the count, sir.

  • Fairly meticulous.

  • And that though it may take time, whoever gets the most votes and look, yes, the Republicans have a lot of lawyers, but sort of the Democrats.

  • And I believe maybe I'm being naive.

  • But I believe that that if Biden has the most votes, that that he will be declared the winner.

  • And then it'll be just a question of what happens between now and inauguration.

  • You adorable stooge.

  • Believing that I agree.

  • Hey, I have a question.

  • Uh, it just the sun's going down And is it catching my forehead here?

  • Are you seeing like a But it looks good.

  • It looks like it almost looks like you're being filled with the spirit of Christ.

  • That's what it looks like.

  • Yeah.

  • Your Lord.

  • Yeah.

  • Look at this for Joe.

  • Biden.

  • That kind of thing.

  • Yeah, it looks really good.

  • It looks like a spirit entered you and you.

  • Suddenly we're in Oracle that knew the future.

  • So tell us what happens.

  • Okay, there's a recount in, uh, it was operational right now in Wisconsin on they go to court over absentee ballots.

  • Oh, God, no, Al.

  • When someone someone filled with the spirit of God, they say inspirational things.

  • They don't say this will go to the lower courts there for a period of four months, it will be litigated.

What is your prediction?

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Al Franken’s Prediction For The 2020 Presidential Election - CONAN on TBS

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