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  • but let's get to the big story of the college week After testing positive for coronavirus, Trevor Lawrence will miss his second straight game this Saturday.

  • It might be the biggest game of the year as they take on number four Notre Dame.

  • They barely squeaked by Boston College this past Saturday, beating BC 34 to 28.

  • I want to bring Greg McElroy and Paul Finebaum in the conversation here this morning.

  • Good morning, Paul.

  • Greg.

  • You were on the call for that game.

  • So let's start there with the kid at quarterback that they have.

  • I won't say his name.

  • You say it with the kid they have at quarterback who is a five star played really well in the second half.

  • Do you believe they can beat Notre Dame without Trevor Lawrence?

  • Well, D J Anguilla is an excellent talent.

  • Hey, really has a remarkable arm, and people are like, Who does he remind you of?

  • He kinda reminds me of JaMarcus Russell and people Wait, What?

  • No, hang on a second.

  • No, that's a compliment.

  • JaMarcus Russell in college was absolute ridiculous.

  • Maybe the best throw of the football I've ever seen, but against Notre Dame.

  • He's gonna have to be really good against pressure because they want to heat you up.

  • So here's a good example.

  • Alright.

  • Boston College.

  • Bring a little pressure off the edge?

  • No problem.

  • But look at D J calmly.

  • No problem knows he's got a guy on blocked.

  • He's got Travis ET and the best running back in college football out in the flats.

  • Boom.

  • Throw it to him.

  • He's out the gates and off to the races.

  • Just really good poise there with the pressure.

  • But how about this throat?

  • This is that arm strength.

  • I'm talking about 30 16 obvious passing situation.

  • He sees safety rotation so the safeties rotate from right toe left and there's a robber in the middle of the field, right in the pop print.

  • Well, look at him.

  • Look to his left.

  • A little pump fake to get that safety on the pop.

  • Right to move to those left, and he throws it right in between them.

  • My goodness.

  • Really tight window there to Amari Rodgers across the middle with a ton of velocity.

  • How about fourth and one critical down in distance in the game?

  • A lot of young quarterbacks they wouldn't have the poised to read this.

  • The end man of the line of scrimmage crashes down.

  • He sees it, no problem very calmly pulls it.

  • Little zone read action, and he takes it around the edge and actually ends up going to the house.

  • And at 6 ft 4 £250 that's a load moving pretty well for a guy his size.

  • So I actually think he has a ton of talent.

  • And will he show the maturity and poised to go on the road and win against the top to your team like Notre Dame?

  • That's what we're anxious to find out.

  • But I happen to think he can do it.

  • If you can do it is one thing will do.

  • It is another Paul who wins that game Saturday.

  • I think Clemson's gonna win with Dee Jay Jungle I Anyway, we got about 15 places in my house written down phonetically, and I blew it, but I think they have enough.

  • I'm a little concerned about their defense, though.

  • Greeny, uh, Greg, I saw the game a little bit better than I did the other day, but they seem like they went to sleep for a while in the first half.

  • But Clemson has been there so many times before, and even without Trevor Lawrence, I think they can now.

  • One more thing.

  • Even if they don't win the game, I still don't think it's It's the end of the world.

  • I think they have a path back to the playoff by playing Notre Dame again in the A C.

  • C championship game.

  • Let's make it clear what you're talking about there, Paul that if they lose this game and let's say it isn't 52 nothing.

  • A blowout might change the math.

  • But if they lose a close game without Trevor Lawrence, who everyone considers to be the best player in the country, and then they wind up in the A C C title game, otherwise unbeaten and they avenged that loss against Notre Dame, you believe they get into the playoff anyway.

  • I think they do it.

  • It's hard.

  • Thio wrap your arms around the fact that Notre Dame is in the A C C this year, but they are and they got in because you know they have nowhere else to go, but it's really possible.

  • And I think the committee this committee will look at Trevor Lawrence as an injury.

  • Covert or not, that's an injury, and they will factor that in.

  • Now again, Clemson does not need to be blown out here.

  • But if it's a reasonably close game and I think it will be, then, uh, if both teams are on the table now, they need Notre Dame to help them.

  • They need a new undefeated Notre Dame at the end of the season on they obviously can only have one loss, but again, it will depend on the circumstance.

  • But thank goodness for for the A C C and for everyone else.

  • The Big 12 did his usual choke job by Oklahoma State getting out of the way that that conference is long gone.

  • The Pac 12 is seriously challenged because of the truncated season.

  • So, yes, there is clearly a path for Clemson with a loss.

  • And possibly Notre Dame is well, we talked about it last week, and Paul is sticking to his guns.

  • Clemson and Notre Dame could both wind up in the college football playoff.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

but let's get to the big story of the college week After testing positive for coronavirus, Trevor Lawrence will miss his second straight game this Saturday.

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