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  • We know the Bears.

  • They're visiting the Titans on Sunday.

  • Who do you think should be the starting quarterback for Chicago?

  • Moving forward?

  • It's gotta be Nick Foles.

  • And here's why.

  • You know, I know what Nick Foles is.

  • I know I'm going to get good and bad.

  • I know that this is a guy that he's a veteran guy when he's on the field.

  • He may not while you someplace, but there are moments where he does.

  • And that, to me, is much better than the unknown of mixed Robiskie.

  • The fact that the team decided the coach just decided to sit Mitch to Biscuit the start of the season when they see him every day for Nick Foles, that tells me all I need to.

  • I think the midst Robiskie situation has reached it, and they had a chance to pick up the option, did it?

  • I think the Bears have shown us what they how they feel about Mitch and whether he's the long term answer.

  • I don't want to go backwards, just get me to the end of the season with Nick Foles and see where we're at.

  • Mm, that sounds all finding good.

  • Listen, that sounds all finding good.

  • But let me tell you something.

  • Over the last five games that Nick Foles has started, they've only averaged 16 points per game.

  • So it's not like Nick Foles have come in and been some some type of game, some type of game changer for the Chicago.

  • Well, what he Listen, I think both quarterbacks stink to be quite honest with you, But what I do think with yeah, I think what, Mr.

  • Strabinsky, I think the one element that he does bring is his mobility, his ability to use his legs to maybe find players down the field.

  • And that's something that Nick Foles hasn't been able to do.

  • So you know, Listen, if you're Chicago Bears, your defense is playing well, you're gonna need your offense to come alive.

  • If you expect Thio to try to make some hay when you get to the point in the postseason, you're gonna need somebody to make a play or do something, you know, from a physical standpoint that can probably that could maybe give you a player, too.

  • That, to me will probably come from Mitral Robiskie.

  • And like I said, they both both quarterbacks to just They're terrible, They're terrible.

  • But right now, I would probably give a slight going back to going back to mention the business.

  • This is what one of them?

  • Yes, you're right about that, Kimberly.

  • One of them does have a Super Bowl.

  • But my God, she's not showing much of anything with with Chicago right now.

  • Here's the deal with Nick Foles.

  • This is what happens when you let him hang around.

  • He'll take your championship, your Tom Brady.

  • He'll take your car driving around the country and I bring it back with any gas in the tank.

  • You cannot let Nick Foles hang around your situation because going to make the best of it.

  • And that's exactly what happened here.

  • The Chicago Bears put Mr Davis kill notice and said, We want you to have this job, but you got to take it and he wasn't able to, even though the three and on the first three games he started, it didn't feel as if they were going to get any better go anywhere.

  • And I know they've been two and three under the start to Nick Foles, but they just believe in him or I'm not talk about the Chicago Bears coaching staff.

  • I'm talking about the players.

  • It seems like they want to play for him because they trust him or they don't trust Mitchell Torbinski.

  • And that was proven last year after he kept regressing and regressing and regressing.

  • You saw a lot of guys just had the folded arms routine and the rolling their eyes routine.

  • You haven't heard one player anonymously on the record saying, Man, they need to go back to Mitchell Robiskie.

  • They're like, Look, I'd rather lose with this guy and take our chances then had that guy get back into the lineup and the Kimberly's point.

  • You can't go backwards once you put Nick Foles in your lineup because you go backwards than what kind of messages that you're sending to your team that game.

  • This point.

  • We know both of these guys aren't any good, but we're gonna take the lesser two evils in this situation.

  • When it comes to Nick Foles, they trust him, or even though his record as a starting quarterback is two and three and Mr Brisky was three and no, it tells me all I need to know that they're not going to go backwards.

  • They're gonna stay with Nick Foles unless he completely regresses and then they have no choice.

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We know the Bears.

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