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  • Yeah, I'm Chris Conroy is pulling editor.

  • Get ready, everyone.

  • We are getting into that scenario where we may be counting this election for days.

  • At this point, we see that Joe Biden seems to have won.

  • Arizona is trending in that direction.

  • Donald Trump has carried the Sun Belt.

  • He's won Florida.

  • He was likely one Georgia.

  • He seems very close to North Carolina and is trending towards the wind there as well.

  • So what do we do at this point?

  • We're focusing in on the Rust Belt.

  • We're talking about states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, those air states that we've been looking at closely for quite some time.

  • The polling shows that Wisconsin and Michigan are trending towards the Biden win.

  • But really, this election is really gonna come down to what we expected.

  • Pennsylvania.

  • This is a state where we're still seeing maybe 3.5 to 4 million votes still have yet to be counted.

  • Many of these are early or mail in ballots.

  • That could take days to finally count.

  • Our exit polls are telling us that President Trump is doing about as well among most major demographic groups in that area.

  • Uh, that he than he has in 2016.

  • But we do see that he is about 5% points lower among college graduates in Pennsylvania, specifically 5% points lower among white college graduates.

  • Trump also is about 9% points lower among young voters in Pennsylvania between the ages of 18 and 44.

  • However, it is important to note that we also see that Donald Trump is doing a little bit better, about 3% points better among older Pennsylvania voters.

  • Those are those are voters who are about 45 years old or older.

  • So in Pennsylvania, we also know that there still are millions of votes left to be counted.

  • Most of these votes are male and votes there early in person votes on.

  • We know from Pennsylvania what they've told us.

  • It may take days to actually count some of these votes.

  • We also know from pre election polls that ah, lot of these early and Mayland voters tend to lean Democratic.

  • They tend to be Biden supporters, so what you're going to see in the state is trump ahead in Pennsylvania.

  • But that lead is going to slowly evaporate.

  • That's what we call a red Mirage strongly for the Republican.

  • That seems to get smaller, smaller, smaller over time.

  • And that's gonna happen over the next over the course of days as we count Pennsylvania.

  • So buckle up, everyone.

  • We may be watching us for quite some time.

Yeah, I'm Chris Conroy is pulling editor.

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Will White House race hinge on Pennsylvania?

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