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  • in your opinion, who right now is the M V p of the league?

  • Is it Russell Wilson?

  • Is it Brady?

  • Is it Patrick Mahomes?

  • Or is it somebody else?

  • Let me quickly go around and see what my crew thinks.

  • The answer to that question today.

  • And there's Marcus Spears.

  • First up.

  • Swagger.

  • Who's the M V p of the league?

  • In your opinion, right now, it's Russell Wilson.

  • But I had Brady after that three interception performance after Arizona that rushed through.

  • But then Russ said, You know what?

  • Hold my beer.

  • I'm gonna come back out here and be the reason we stomp out the 40 Niners and I'm gonna find my guy.

  • And he just reminded me as much as quick as I jumped off the bandwagon off.

  • Why I should never have, because they put up 34 points in a three interception performance as well.

  • But I decided to admit that So it's rust for me again, and I plan on this being the rest of the season playing on.

  • We know that ain't true swag because you're bandwagon guy, man.

  • You always jumping on and off, man, we got to stay with Russell Wilson.

  • Stay in the course right here.

  • Greeny.

  • When you look at this, he's doing the most with the least right.

  • When you when you think about defensively, the Seahawks have been have been just historically bad, really, until last week.

  • His run game is okay at best.

  • They put everything on his shoulders, and he continues to produce.

  • He's played absolutely fantastic football again.

  • Arizona was a little bit of a struggle, but again, when you're asked to do that much at times, it's not gonna be your best day, man.

  • He absolutely lit up, saying France made some incredible place stepping up in the pocket, avoiding pressure.

  • Gotta be Russell Wilson, Uh for for M v P Right now, McIlroy Let's make it a clean sweep.

  • I'm going, Russell Wilson and, ah, lot of what Jeff said.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head.

  • He's doing more with less.

  • Do you guys realize that?

  • So far, through eight games in the season halfway through, he has thrown 12 touchdowns under duress?

  • The league leader last year was Jamis Winston.

  • He threw 12 the whole season, so he's getting pressure and he's making it work and then on play action right now, Y'all It's ridiculous.

  • And Sunday might have been his best performance off play.

  • Actually, I was 14 14, pushing the ball down the field.

  • Accurate, decisive.

  • He's not getting sacked, and he's only one off the pace from what Tom Brady did in 2007, when he threw 50 touchdowns or whatever it was when Randy Moss got there.

  • He's a 26 right now, right?

  • And Tom Brady is a 27 like he is having historically great season in so many different ways.

  • Graziano.

  • You may be the only one who actually gets to vote on this.

  • Who gets your vote?

  • It's been Wilson all along.

  • I'm not a flip flopper like Marcus Spears changing my answer in the third quarter last night.

  • I'm not gonna do that.

  • It's Russell Wilson and Thio McElroy's point.

  • He's only played seven games.

  • They had thereby, right, so he's on pace to throw almost 60 touchdown passes.

  • He's top three in completion percentage and yards per attempt.

  • That's pretty tough to do because not only is he completing a lot of his passes, but he's not throwing a lot of dink and dunk sits Wilson's here, No doubt about it.

  • It is a clean sweep.

  • And in fact, the fans agree, is we take a look at the reaction so far on my Twitter page, and it is Russell Wilson running away with it.

  • 63% of the vote.

  • Patrick Mahomes somehow overlooked in this.

  • He has a 21 touchdown, one interception season going.

  • I guess you've just gotten somewhat used to him.

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in your opinion, who right now is the M V p of the league?

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