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  • it has Bean another extraordinary election.

  • If you weren't able to follow it in real time, I'm gonna take you through it, step by step and show you the pivotal moments through the race.

  • So we're going to start at nine o'clock East Coast time, and things were looking pretty routine at this moment in time.

  • The Deep South states air filling in red New York again in the Blue column.

  • 29 Electoral College votes going to Joe Biden.

  • Let's move the clock on one of our first battleground states turns blue.

  • New Hampshire, where the president had campaigned, goes heavily for Joe Biden.

  • Four Electoral College votes in the blue camp will move it on again, and Ohio is starting to point us on the direction the night is going 14 times in consecutive elections.

  • The last 14 times Ohio has called it right going all the way back to President Nixon.

  • Will they call it right tonight?

  • We'll move our clock on again.

  • We've been watching Florida.

  • It was on a knife edge all night at half past midnight East coast time.

  • They finally called it for Donald Trump.

  • This evidence there that he got out the Latino vote.

  • There's also evidence that the Democrats didn't manage to get out there, based in places like Miami Dade will move the clock on again.

  • It's now 10 toe, one East Coast time.

  • Iowa, which went for Donald Trump like 10 points in 2016 safely in the Red Column.

  • And then a huge sigh of relief at Republican hpq as Texas goes red, not in at the same sort of way that it went red in 2016.

  • But enough for Donald Trump and the extraordinary story of the night in Texas was the turnout.

  • 2.7 million extra votes on those that voted in 2016 will move the clock on again.

  • It is now half past one.

  • A Minnesota story of 2016 was that Minnesota only went for Hillary Clinton by 44,000 votes.

  • It's gone blue much more heavily tonight.

  • Was that the George Floyd story up there in Minnesota?

  • Was that what swayed the Democrats and persuaded them to come out on?

  • Also little for gotten Nebraska to a congressional district that has one electoral college votes so important in this race?

  • You will have to consider that because if Joe Biden wins Arizona If he holds on to Nevada, it means that he only needs Wisconsin and Michigan.

  • He doesn't need Pennsylvania, North Carolina or Georgia because he has that one Electoral college vote there in Nebraska to which will get him to the to 17 mark.

it has Bean another extraordinary election.

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