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  • straight away to the start of week nine.

  • It will be a rematch of the NFC championship game between the Packers and the 40 Niners.

  • The 40 Niners will not have Jimmy G.

  • He's done for six weeks.

  • Nick Bones will play quarterback George Kittle.

  • The all world tight end would be out eight weeks.

  • But the big story is that the 40 Niners don't really have much on the line, despite Jimmy G.

  • Gigantic contract with the guards to guaranteed money.

  • Not much on the line with what you've seen this year and his up and down performance.

  • Could this be the last year for Jimmy G in San Francisco, even though last year they were in the Super Bowl with them?

  • I think so.

  • I you know there are people out there that would argue that Jimmy G is not going anywhere.

  • Shanahan loves him, blah, blah, blah.

  • But I think when you have the opportunity to maybe get a guy like Matt Ryan, who has a very expensive contract with the Atlanta Falcons, But if you can give up something that makes that work.

  • And Matt Ryan, for instance, is a guy who is willing to rework his deal from a salary cap standpoint to get to a team like the San Francisco 40 Niners.

  • I think that you take a look at that, Um, and there's also some young quarterbacks out there.

  • If there's a move for Sam Donald, people are screaming and hollering that, you know, maybe Sam Donald needs to change and Trevor Lawrence comes into New York.

  • But I don't think Jimmy G is gonna be the quarterback of the San Francisco 40 Niners in 2021.

  • I mean, they've gotten what they got out of him.

  • They see what he is, Um, and he asked me, What is that?

  • When you say they see what he is, just a guy.

  • He's just He's just the average quarterback he's.

  • Come on, man.

  • You could plug is 10 quarterbacks that start on teams in the National Football League.

  • Right now, that's the same guy that's the same guy.

  • And those 10 quarterbacks that start on National Football League teams aren't taking their teams to the Super Bowls in winning them, like the 40 Niners are trying to do now.

  • Let's not get it twisted.

  • Jimmy G helped them get to the Super Bowl But in that play, those two playoff games to get to the Super Bowl they was asking, I think he threw a total of 17 balls.

  • It was Minnesota's Greenville.

  • Y'all, no man, no umbra.

  • They see them throw one pick.

  • That was like, uh, no, we're gonna run the ball.

  • Were taking the ball out of your hands.

  • Ryan Tannehill of the NFC.

  • And so when you when you look at that and you paying that type of money, that's not what Shanahan wants to do.

  • He understands that you've got to throw the football at times in games to win them.

  • They had a great defense last year.

  • Their defense is still okay this year, although they've been banged up a lot.

  • Um, when you look at it, Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa isn't there.

  • He's lost for the year.

  • And so when you start to look at some of those things, Richard Sherman hasn't played much.

  • When you start to look at that, you start to say to yourself, Okay, we got enough, but our quarterback can help us get over the top.

  • He's not the guy that could handle the rest of the team and put it on his back, so I wouldn't be shocked at all if they moved on from him.

  • Not in the least bit.

  • Just makes it easier for them to move on from him, right?

  • I mean, you think about if everybody were healthy key.

  • And if you are winning games, it makes it a lot more challenging.

  • Even if your defense is playing well, you have all the pieces to say, Hey, we're gonna move on from him even though there's a history.

  • But now that you're losing games, it seems like your roster is depleted.

  • Everybody's injured.

  • You're losing games at a high clip.

  • All right, well, this makes it easier transition.

  • They flirted with him in the offseason.

  • Prior to Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay.

  • They flirted with Brady.

  • There were There was there was a John Lynch said they made the call.

  • Yeah, they made the call, but they they flirted with it.

  • Hey, man, what you think about this dude?

  • Can we get him?

  • Can we get in on him?

  • You know, and so that conversation comes up, tells you what they thought about the quarterback, and then they realize, uh oh, We stuck with Jimmy G.

  • So one of the first things they do is ah, we love Jimmy G.

  • They put their arms around you to make it all great, even though in the end they don't value him nearly the same as they did when they traded for him.

  • And fellas think about it when they traded for him how quickly things can change.

  • They traded for him for a second round pick, and at the time people said, Oh, my goodness, the 40 Niners fleeced the Pats because we potentially have a franchise guy that could be here for a decade or so.

  • In all we gave up was a secondary.

  • That was the notion at the time.

  • But I never felt that way, though, because I watched Jacoby Brissett come in and do the same thing.

  • And so it was.

  • I watched Jacoby X percent on a small little slice.

  • Sample size, do the same thing that Jimmy G did on a small slice sample size both in New England, both in New England.

  • You watch them do the same thing.

  • So for whatever reason John Lynch felt in, Shanahan felt at the time which look, they went to a super Bowl.

  • He certainly helped them get to a Super Bowl.

  • There's no question about it, but to win the Super Bowl and to get over that hump, he's not the guy for them to be able to do that.

  • He's just not Steve Young says something that really caught my attention to the other day, he said.

  • It creates a focus on one question coming into this year that you had about the 40 Niners.

  • Can we get to a place where Kyle Shanahan, this innovative offensive coordinator one of the best head coaches in the league, can find a quarterback that he can trust and just be expansive with rather than protect?

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straight away to the start of week nine.

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