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  • his tank.

  • Davis, the most exciting fighter today?

  • Yes, he is.

  • He is the most exciting, and claims that he's number £1 for pound are ridiculous.

  • He's fought like, you know, he thought Your Yorkis Cambo.

  • A lot of guys have beaten Gambo already.

  • He's toward the end.

  • Now he fights Leo.

  • Santa Cruz is a very good fighter, multiple division belt holder, but he's the naturally smaller guy moving up.

  • He's not a big puncher.

  • And yet, you know, halfway through that fight, you're like Who's gonna win?

  • Is tanking to go the distance.

  • He keeps getting clipped, and then Tank ended it with the knock out of the year in a year with a bunch of great knockouts, that was the best knockout I've seen.

  • He is the most exciting because he is vulnerable because he's not unbeatable.

  • He's got crazy.

  • Fast twitch is he can box, but he's so aggressive and he's vulnerable enough to counters that it's actually exciting.

  • Thank God that Tyson s fast twitch, he's and the power, but because he's getting hit in exchange Mawr because he's not because he's not one of the best, like £5 for pound fighters in the world, at least not yet.

  • You believe there's a chance the other guy can win, and that makes it even more exciting to say nothing off the pace.

  • He sets the level of action, the level that of bombs that are thrown by tank and as he fights better opposition, the number that will be coming back at him.

  • Yeah, he's guaranteed thrills for the dollar.

  • I do not believe he is the most exciting fighter in boxing.

  • I think we saw that dude a couple of weeks ago into your female Lopez.

  • Um, he's got knockout power.

  • He's got one punch knockout power, a lot like Tank Davis, uh, the brother King box.

  • And then we saw him go against a guy that was widely considered the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

  • Three only debate was whether it was him or Terence Crawford.

  • Andi.

  • I put Terence Crawford up.

  • There's an incredibly exciting fighter because he goes after it.

  • He's got knockout power.

  • He's got extraordinary boxing ability as well.

  • I can't sleep on that.

  • I love Tank and I get your point about exciting, exciting, exciting.

  • My issue is, is that he was going against the smaller fighter who I did not believe could hurt him.

  • And I think Tank knew that.

  • Which is why he kept walking him down and stalking him pretty much throughout the fight.

  • Max Tank inbox.

  • He can fight, He's a champion.

  • He's got a lot of heart.

  • Um, I respect where you coming from with him?

  • Because he's up there.

  • But when I think about Lopez and what we saw against Lomachenko, we saw his boxing ability.

  • We saw his elusive ity, and we know what he's got in terms of power in both hands and he comes forward.

  • It ain't like he backs up.

  • He stalks you, too, and he comes toe finish you.

  • When I think about Tyson comparisons, when I think about knockout power, when I think about excitement, when I think about those things I think about T f e m a Lopez, that would be my choice ahead of Tank Davis.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, you gotta like Lopez.

  • Obviously, when Max making the argument for tank, it made me feel a little differently about it, cause I was like, Well, I was thinking about good, you know, So to me, it was I was thinking Aerospace Earl Spence.

  • I was thinking Canelo Alvarez, but I was like, You know, those fighters are good.

  • It's not necessarily always exciting, not always a great entertaining fight, because they can become so dominant.

  • And so Tank kind of gives you that.

  • But I'm a but Crawford guy, but Crawford and Max, I know exactly what I'm talking about.

  • He kind of gives you some Max Holloway feels from UFC.

  • You know he's a dude like he can box.

  • He understands boxing, but it's not about protecting himself.

  • It's not about making the fight not be entertaining or keeping myself out of harm's way.

  • It's I'll walk into a couple of punches.

  • I'll get into the fight in order to get where I need to be.

  • And so every time he's on, every time you get an opportunity to watch him, you know you're going to see a high level off boxing.

  • But you're also going to see a guy take some risk and put himself in some positions to get hit in order to get to his opponent.

  • And so I would take but Crawford, then I would go.

  • Tank didn t a famous Lopez if I was gonna have to rank those guys my type of excitement and entertainment.

  • Watching them, I agree with what you guys were saying about these other fighters.

  • Thio and also Crawford are incredibly exciting and also action packed.

  • By the way.

  • I still think Lomachenko.

  • I love watching Lomachenko fight.

  • I'd love to see him fight Tank.

  • Here's what it is for me, though.

  • When Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley and Oscar Dela Hoya were all in their primes, they were very exciting to watch usually, and they were fantastic fighters.

  • Elite pound for pound Arturo Gatti was the most exciting fighter in the world because it wasn't just what he was dishing out of what was what was coming back.

  • It was his vulnerability that put you on the edge of your seat.

  • And I predict that's the kind of career tank is gonna have.

  • Edge of your seat kind of fight after edge of your seat kind of fight when he fights the elite.

  • All the fighters I mentioned like and do you guys met Te'o and and Crawford are ahead ofhim, pound for pound, but that and saying excitement, excitement goes both ways it's not just one guy dominating the other.

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his tank.

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