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  • thing.

  • So you twist the bun like this puppet into the steamer and wow, So satisfying thing per thes are Huajun.

  • They're steamed scallion rolls, and they're quite easy to make.

  • Today.

  • Isaac, our junior chef and kid of our content director Daisy will show us how it's done.

  • Here are our ingredients for the dough all purpose flour, salt, sugar, east baking powder and warm water.

  • We're going to put sugar in a packet of east into the water and stir.

  • Then we'll add a bit of salt into the flower and then baking powder dumped in the water in east.

  • Solution on and take your little hands in and need.

  • Now let it rest.

  • Great.

  • Now we're gonna need the dough a little bit more and then add a bit of oil and let the dough rest again for another hour and a half.

  • Take four green onions and chopped them.

  • Finally, Very nice.

  • Then saute it with a bit of oil and some salt.

  • Okay, back to the dough.

  • Now we're gonna punch out the air from the dough, and we're gonna roll it out a little bit more.

  • Great.

  • Now scatter the scallions on top one back in the States I tremble.

  • Found a genuine today and tuck them in.

  • Yes, just like that.

  • Nice and type.

  • Brush a little bit of oil on top and cut the dough into one inch pieces.

  • You know, a chopstick and press down gently.

  • Pool fold twist.

  • Repeat, Thio Chanda.

  • Well, let them rest a bit and steam for 15 minutes.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Success.

  • There you have it.

  • And that's how you make Ah ha Jin.


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Fluffy Steamed Scallion Buns Even a Kid Can Make

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/03
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