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  • as we welcome in Dolphins reporter Cameron Wolf.

  • So, Cameron, I mean, we're looking at, you know, you could be covering a playoff team here.

  • Uh, didn't learn a ton about two yesterday.

  • First quarterback to win his debut with fewer than 100 yards passing and 20 attempts since Donovan McNabb did it in 1999.

  • But what was the reaction to his performance?

  • They have another NFC West team coming up the Cardinals on Sunday.

  • Yeah, Hannah, it was definitely, uh, not the blow up performance that a lot of people may have thought he would have had in his first start.

  • As you mentioned, we didn't learn a lot about him.

  • But what we did learn is he could take a hit.

  • And I think that we are gonna learn ultimately that he can be the playmaker they wanted to be.

  • I think a lot of this was they were playing the Rams defense and Aaron Donald and they were trying to be safe and protecting tour.

  • I think that will change a little bit this week because luckily for the Dolphins, the Cardinals don't have Aaron Donna.

  • One thing that we did notice this past Sunday is the Dolphins were trying to roll him out to his left a bunch, and they were trying to keep short passes for him to get him comfortable.

  • And the Rams caught up to that.

  • So the comfort is the word I've heard from Dolphins coaches all over the last few weeks.

  • They wanna do what makes to a comfortable and one thing I'm watching for is those are pos.

  • Those run past options.

  • He had one of those for completion on his first completion.

  • Um, but when we didn't see much of those the rest of the game, I think that will change starting this week against the Cardinals, a team that you know, they may be able to have a little bit mawr success using to his athleticism.

  • Yeah, I mean, you want to make it comfortable, but you don't wanna be predictable, obviously.

  • So let's go to the other side of the ball.

  • In the real challenge for that Dolphins defense, which looked terrific yesterday.

  • Four turnovers from Jared golf.

  • So now Miami, which has the number one defense and points allowed this season, Woo uh, they have the challenge of facing just the insanely fast Kyler Murray.

  • That Cardinals team is averaging 29 points a game.

  • So walk me through this and what that kind of challenge is going toe look like next week.

  • The Dolphins view this as another respect game.

  • You know, Eric Rose Sunday said they heard all last week.

  • Rams defense, this Rams defense that.

  • And they said they should be worried about our defense.

  • And after Sunday's performance, I think a lot more teams are gonna be worrying about their defense.

  • They have a really good scheme there with Bryan Flores, and they have some players that air trying to earn their name there.

  • So Colin Murray's another challenge.

  • He's one of their better quarterbacks.

  • They played this week.

  • So, like I said, a respect game for really good offense.

  • One thing that they should watch for his column.

  • Murray's legs.

  • That has been the Achilles Hill for this really good defense.

  • They gave up 75 yards to Cam Newton and 57 to Josh Allen, so they've gotta watch his legs.

  • But if they keep keep bringing pressure like they did against the Rams, then there's no reason why they can't have success again against the Cardinals.

  • Yeah.

  • I don't even know who you put on Kyler Murray.

  • I don't know who defensively can keep up with that guy, but really good complementary football.

  • You got the right coach.

  • Hopefully the right quarterback.

  • Some draft picks coming up.

  • So it looks like things are looking up in Miami.

  • Cameron, Thanks.

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as we welcome in Dolphins reporter Cameron Wolf.

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