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  • Claudia Romeo: We're in Monopoli, Italy,

  • a beautiful coastal town in the region of Puglia,

  • which is the region where burrata cheese is from.

  • Burrata is one of those foods that

  • has a very short shelf life.

  • It has to be eaten fresh, the same day.

  • So, trying a burrata here in Puglia

  • is truly a culinary experience.

  • And, trust me, I'm from around here, but I live abroad,

  • and I've tried countless times to bring them

  • with me in my suitcases,

  • and they've never been as good

  • as the ones that I've tried here.

  • So, today we're going to do exactly that.

  • We're going to visit a local dairy

  • and get our own burrata experience!

  • Let's go.

  • In Italy, we met with Vincenzo Di Trani,

  • son, grandson, and great-grandson of cheesemakers

  • and owner of Mozzabella.

  • His dairy produces about 500 kilos

  • of fresh cheese every day.

  • Vincenzo and his team start the day

  • way before the sun is up.

  • At 4 a.m., the milk has been acidified

  • and it is ready to be split into curds.

  • It now rests in this vat at 35 degrees

  • with a whey starter and rennet.

  • Claudia: Our cheese curds have

  • reached their desired bean size.

  • They will now have to rest in the whey

  • for one and a half hours.

  • Vincenzo uses this time to take out

  • part of the liquid whey, adding milk to it,

  • and transform it into ricotta.

  • Claudia: While the curd is still resting in its whey

  • to reach the perfect stretchability,

  • a part of it is taken out to make the inside of the burrata.

  • These are called sfilaccetti

  • and are little shreds of frayed, stretched curd,

  • which will be salted

  • and mixed with cream to make stracciatella.

  • Vincenzo uses 90-degree water to stretch the curd.

  • Each piece of curd is then frayed one by one.

  • And here we have our sfilaccetti.

  • Claudia: Now that we have our inside,

  • it's finally time to take care of the casing of the burrata.

  • When the casing is ready,

  • all it takes is a swift movement

  • to add in the stracciatella prepared previously.

  • This is the first burrata of the day at Vincenzo's dairy.

  • It's so creamy. It's incredible.

  • You don't feel that there is, like, the small little pieces

  • and the outside part, which is harder.

  • It melts in your mouth.

  • [sighs]

  • I don't know why I moved abroad.

  • I should just live here

  • and have burrata for breakfast every morning.

Claudia Romeo: We're in Monopoli, Italy,

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How Burrata Cheese Is Made In Puglia, Italy | Regional Eats

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