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  • they're calling it a nightmare without end and predicting that locked down 2.0, here in Britain will send us into a double dip recession.

  • I've now heard projections that we're gonna have an 8% drop in GDP in the fourth quarter as we shut this entire country down.

  • And some new data has emerged A Sfar as to what happened on Saturday with the late and delayed announcement by our prime minister.

  • And apparently it was new data provided by a study from Cambridge that was predicting 4000 deaths per day, 4000 deaths per day.

  • And this was almost double what the other models were predicting on much higher than even the Imperial college numbers of 2700 day.

  • And when we've looked into the data, we found that the reason these numbers were so much higher is because it reclassified what would be termed a covert death instead of the 28 days, uh, that you die within a positive test that was extended to 60 days and so big surprise the numbers doubled.

  • And this is one of the factors that contributed to our prime minister putting this entire country on a Tier four locked down, which means no restaurants, no cafes, no pubs, no Jim's.

  • No non essential stores are going to be open after Wednesday midnight, and this is all ridiculous.

  • This is a disproportionate response to the virus because we have a total lack of leadership and there is a total lack of science based decision making happen right now.

  • And it goes to show you using this Cambridge study, the numbers got so big that they decided they were going to go ahead and lock down and again.

  • Those numbers themselves are not based in science, and we are literally decimating our economy.

  • We are crushing the future of our younger generation, now called generation Co vid.

  • Um, and we have places like hospitality sectors where 3% of covert trends cases air transmitted gyms where 1.7% of cases air transmitted.

  • And yet we are still locking these facilities down, shutting people in their homes and the cost of this way we're going to be paying for for generations.

  • And some studies have been done recently.

  • As far as the cost benefit analysis of a shutdown versus staying open on this comes down to something I've been talking about over and over again, which is this concept of control versus elimination control versus elimination.

  • The government is attempting to sell you that they can eliminate this virus.

  • That is not possible.

  • It was probably never possible.

  • It's only possible to control it, but if we control it, that means having a proportional response to the virus.

  • And ah, study came out of New Zealand saying that trying to eliminate the virus would cost 96 times the amount as trying to control it.

  • And that same study said it would cost 10 times the amount in the UK.

  • Uh, try to eliminate it versus controlling it, and we're seeing this happen right now.

  • We're seeing this manifest right in front of our eyes with Tier four lockdowns way are cutting our nose off to spite our face.

  • We're cutting our hand off because our finger hurts and we're shutting everything down in our feeble attempt to eliminate this virus.

  • When that's not practical, it's not realistic.

  • The science even says that's not gonna happen.

  • And so I am standing in the middle of the madness.

  • Every single person I've spoken Teoh is not for the lock down.

  • Every single business leader was barely hanging on by a thread.

  • And now there is no chance for many of these businesses to survive.

  • But our leaders are charming in on the different story by the data.

  • They are cherry picking to sell that story.

  • Tiu.

  • That's what they're doing.

  • And if you don't see it, well, I don't know what else to say.

  • The numbers of their data is there on.

  • We've got to say that this is no longer acceptable.

  • We need new leadership.

  • I'm done with this current crop of politicians with their vested interest on their only interest in getting reelected.

  • And we've got to start using the science.

  • We've gotta have a proportional response to this virus on.

  • We have to use control, not elimination.

  • If we're gonna move forward, they're saying this is a four week locked down.

  • We heard that in March.

  • Um then Michael go goes on television and said it could be another month on then maybe another month.

  • Uh, this is a dark time right now on.

  • Yet I can Onley stay optimistic.

  • I know if we keep talking about these ideas, we can find solutions and we can convince our government to reverse these decisions and get London back toe work.

  • But our health first put science first, put our education first, and let's get this country back to where it used to be.

  • Let's get this city back to its greatness.

  • Uh, that's what I'm here for and that's what I'm gonna keep talking about.

  • Please leave your comments below share.

  • This video of it resonated with you.

  • Let's get the word out.

  • Let's tell the politicians we won't have it.

  • Let's take London in a new direction.

  • Thank you.

they're calling it a nightmare without end and predicting that locked down 2.0, here in Britain will send us into a double dip recession.

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