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  • CRISTINA: Dating abuse is a silent epidemic. One in three young people are experiencing it

  • and two thirds of those don't tell anyone.

  • JONATHAN: I'm a Junior in high school and I see it all the time.

  • A lot, a lot of mental, a lot of verbal.

  • DR. OKER: Parents don't know how to detect it, and when they do, they don't know what to do.

  • When they report it to schools, schools don't understand what to do.



  • JASMINE: Love is Respect is the partnership between the National Domestic Violence Hotline

  • and Break The Cycle. It's the ultimate resource online, off line, 24/7 for teens to get information

  • about teen dating violence and healthy relationships.

  • CRISTINA: Thank you all so much for coming to the Start Talking Institute.

  • We are so excited to have you here.

  • DR. OKER: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans and Love is Respect have teamed up to support

  • our families and our children to remain healthy and safe, and that's what this is all about.

  • DYANNE: This partnership is going to put innovative curriculum in the hands of young people so

  • that they can begin talking with their friends and their peers about dating abuse.

  • STACEY: In 2009, a friend of my son's was murdered by her boyfriend. And I just started

  • thinking we gotta start talking to our young girls. In our community it's a taboo subject.

  • GERARDO: Everybody that's interested in helping the community with it,

  • they don't really have the skills in even how to talk about it.

  • JASMINE: The one thing that I am excited about with the Start Talking Curriculum

  • is that it is peer led. So there are peers talking to peers.

  • JOEY: Where do we draw the line? So, if you're comfortable with 50 text messages

  • a day with you and your partner, stand over here.


  • JOEY: What about 500 text messages in a day?

  • STUDENT #1: I don't think I text that much.

  • STUDENT #2: It's not really about the relationship at that point.

  • It's about me, I need time to breathe.

  • VaLarie: Our student leaders? I hope they get something that they can take back.

  • Because our girls will listen to them, because that's their peers.

  • STUDENT: If you are in a good relationship, then you should have that trust and set boundaries.

  • CRISTINA: to have a leader in the community like Blue Cross and Blue Shield come out,

  • support us, and bring us all together, I just think they deserve a huge round of applause.


  • DYANNE: We want to get this in every classroom, on every college campus. We want to get this

  • in the hands of peer leaders and health care professionals so that we can

  • change this conversation, we can change this epidemic and we can end dating abuse.

  • MALLORY: I think it's gonna be a wake up call for more people. The stuff they see, some

  • people think it's a healthy relationship. But I'm here to let them know that, what's

  • healthy, what's not healthy and what's abusive.



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A Partnership to 'Start Talking' About Teen Dating Abuse

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