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  • Hi, I'm Phil and I'm going to tell you a little

  • secret about British people. And it's that

  • we're not great at saying 'no'.

  • So if you want to say 'no' like a Brit, remember

  • not to be too direct.

  • We don't actually like saying 'no', so start

  • by saying how bad it is, or apologise.

  • 'Unfortunately….'

  • 'I'm afraid….'

  • 'Sorry, but….'

  • Ok, so now they know that you don't want to

  • do it, tell them why you have to do this terrible

  • thing.

  • 'Unfortunately, I'm not able to come tonight.'

  • 'I'm afraid that's not possible.'

  • 'Sorry, but I don't think that's a good idea.'

  • OK, now the bad stuff is out of the way, suggest

  • an alternative.

  • 'Unfortunately, I'm not able to come tonight.

  • Let's try next week!'

  • 'I'm afraid that's not possible, but I've got another idea.'

  • Sojust remember, not too direct, apologise,

  • say why and suggest an alternative.

Hi, I'm Phil and I'm going to tell you a little

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How to say 'no' politely (like a Brit) - English In A Minute

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/01
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