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  • - [Presenter] This factory makes 10000 fortune cookies a day

  • but you won't find them in any restaurant.

  • Instead, Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

  • relies only on tourism.

  • Kevin Chan runs this small San Francisco factory

  • with just a handful of employees.

  • It's been in his family since 1962.

  • The factory makes money by selling fortune cookies directly

  • to customers, and by charging to take pictures

  • and film video inside.

  • A batch of 50 custom cookies starts at $17.50.

  • Smaller souvenir styles for $2.00,

  • and a perfect Instagram picture will cost you $0.50.

  • You can also customize your fortune.

  • - And people want cheap fortune cookies.

  • They're in the wrong place.

  • My ingredients are better.

  • - [Presenter] The cookie batter contains sesame seeds,

  • flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and flavorings.

  • As a small business,

  • Golden Gate is more vulnerable to swings in the price

  • of these ingredients.

  • - The challenge, butter.

  • It drives me nuts.

  • They know, you know, when to go up and when to go down.

  • And when it go down means it's not go up.

  • It goes all the way up and goes down a little bit.

  • - [Presenter] And that affects the price of the cookies,

  • making them more expensive than the ones consumers will find

  • in a restaurant or takeout.

  • - I want them happy.

  • I want them to taste the real fortune cookies, the real one,

  • the real one that make by hand.

  • - [Presenter] The process starts with the batter.

  • It's put on hot plates to make a four and a half minute trip

  • through the oven.

  • While they're still hot, they're shaped by hand

  • with a fortune slipped inside.

  • Golden Gate is open year round,

  • so tourists can cram into the small front area,

  • taking pictures, and tasting the cookies.

  • And the cookies that don't meet Chan's quality standards?

  • Well, they're handed out free of charge

  • and that's because profits aren't even his main concern.

  • - The whole business is to serve the people,

  • serve the community, and serve the city

  • of San Francisco tourism.

  • We are part of the tourism because whenever they come

  • to San Francisco, they think of Chinatown,

  • they think of fortune cookie.

  • They think of Golden Gate Fortune Cookie.

(swanky music)

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Family-Owned Factory Makes 10,000 Fortune Cookies Per Day

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