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  • Dominique.

  • Let's start with that.

  • The fact that the Ravens have a buy and the Steelers don't.

  • Is that a bigger advantage for Baltimore?

  • In your view, physically or in terms of preparation?

  • Yeah, I think getting that rest is certainly nice, and it makes you feel good and you're a little bit healthier going to the game.

  • But I think it's more important for preparation wise.

  • I re watched that game last night, and I saw so many coaching changes on both offense and defense on both sides throughout the course of the game.

  • It was one of the more cerebral games that I've watched from last season, so I think the the Ravens having the opportunity to put a little bit more effort into that preparation, I think is, uh is more benefit to the Ravens for their preparation than it is for them physically.

  • How they feel going on the field now.

  • The Steelers, the last unbeaten team in the NFL, the Ravens sort of flying under the radar since they got handled by Kansas City, but this would certainly put them right back in everybody's conversation.

  • D would as you look ahead to this one, what's the matchup you're looking for, greeny.

  • I know you, you know you and Schefty and NEEK want to talk about the scale people.

  • But this is about the big boys, the big dogs in the trenches.

  • Every time you talk about the Pittsburgh, the Steelers Ravens robbery, it all to me, it always comes down to the pass rushers and the office of line.

  • And when you talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers, everything starts with T.

  • J.

  • Watson.

  • But debris.

  • Can the Baltimore Ravens keep this guy off of Lamar Jackson because they're gonna have their hands full with this dynamic duo coming off the edge for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

  • Schefty.

  • It's an interesting note because one would think with the history of this rivalry and all the times they've gone back and forth.

  • You sent me a very interesting note about this game that I think a lot of people may not realize.

  • It's amazing.

  • We are in Lamar Jackson's third NFL season, and this will be the first time that he's ever started a game where Ben Roethlisberger has been the starting quarterback for the other team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • And so it'll be the first time that Ben and Lamar Square off.

  • It has not happened before in this rivalry, which is hard to imagine.

  • Just has not worked out to where they both been on the field at the same time Ben's been hurt.

  • Lamar hasn't been in the lineup.

  • It just hasn't worked.

  • But this.

  • This will be the first time that the Ravens quarterback for the next decade plus and the Steelers quarterback for the last decade plus will meet in the game.

  • They square off and start against each other for the first time.

  • Greeny.

  • On the flip side, we've spent a lot of this season, Damian What he's talking about.

  • How the Ravens offense just hasn't looked like that record setting group of a year ago.

  • What do you need to see from Lamar Jackson if he's gonna beat the unbeaten Steelers on Sunday?

  • Well, listen, I think you know, dominate kind of, you know, kind of alluded to it, you know?

  • You know, he so much of the Ravens passing game is in between the numbers with the tight ends, but I need to see some explosive plays down the field, you know, for me, that's that's the one area that of concern I have with Lamar Jackson seeing those 20 plus pass plays down the field to exploit things, especially with the aggressive defense like the Pittsburgh Steelers have.

  • Because once you hit those type of plays greeny, guess what defensive coordinators start thinking and start changing up what they want to do defense with.

  • So they need those explosive plays on the outside.

  • I believe I'm being told that Luis Riddick is ready to join us now.

  • We've been having some trouble technical difficulties, getting him set today.

  • But I think I'm being told that Luis is ready to go.

  • He is indeed Luis Riddick.

  • We wish you a good morning and glad to see you as always on our Thursdays.

  • And we're talking about Steelers Ravens.

  • Just a quick thought on this game.

  • We've gone through a couple of the matchups, Schefty mentioned.

  • It's actually the first time that Roethlisberger and Lamar Jackson will start head to head against each other.

  • Where do you see the edge in a game that could go a long way towards deciding one of the most competitive divisions in the sport?

  • Yeah, I think this is interesting because I think you know, with with Baltimore.

  • They really need to find their identity on the offensive side of the ball and really be able to both run it.

  • And for Lamar to be able to continue to develop as a passer.

  • And I just don't know if they have what's necessary to deal with right now, just from an efficiency standpoint of Pittsburgh team that's hitting on all cylinders.

  • Look, I mean, Pittsburgh right now has the running game and the passing game in particular, provided that Deontay Johnson is 100% to really light it up against anyone.

  • And then defensively, I mean, we know is the team that could get after the passer they could turn the football over in the back end.

  • They have great ball hawks back there.

  • So this is a team that right now you have to give them like the one or two spot in a F C.

  • So this is a big game for both teams, but in particular Baltimore matching up against one of their, you know, one of the toughest rivals.

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