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  • Here's how to use WhatsApp on your phone and computer.

  • Let's start with a mobile device.

  • You could download WHATS app from the Google Play Store on Android or the APP Store on IOS.

  • For this example, we're on an android phone search for WhatsApp, then press, install and open the app.

  • Next, we have to agree to the terms of service.

  • Click.

  • Agree and continue.

  • Your WhatsApp account will be linked to your phone number.

  • This makes it simple for others.

  • With WhatsApp to contact, you send messages, photos and make video calls.

  • Now you set your profile info at a photo and a user name, then press next.

  • Now you're logged into WhatsApp, and this is the main application window here.

  • You could take a photo chat, update your status or make a call.

  • To send a message, press chat at the top, press the chat icon at the bottom, find a contact and press on them.

  • Then write your message and press send to add a photo or video press.

  • The camera icon tap wants to take a photo or hold down to record a video.

  • You can also add a photo or video from your camera roll by swiping up toe.

  • Look at your gallery.

  • Now finalize your message and press the send icon.

  • Congratulations.

  • You just sent your first message on WhatsApp.

  • Now let's send an audio message.

  • Press down the microphone icon on the bottom right and hold it.

  • Say your message and then release the icon.

  • Your message is instantly sent.

  • You can also hold down the mic and slide it up toe.

  • Lock the recorder for longer messages or slide it to the left to delete your message before it is sent.

  • Now let's make a phone or video call.

  • You can easily connect with someone by pressing the call icon or video icon at the top of the chat window.

  • Or go to the main window, press calls of the top and then at the bottom, press the call plus icon.

  • Find your contact and press the phone icon to make a call or the video icon to video chat.

  • Now let's create a group chat.

  • Go back to the chats window at the bottom, press the messaging icon, then press new group.

  • Add the context you want in the group, then press next.

  • Here you can name the group and press next to finish.

  • To add more people, press the group Nemeth the top.

  • This will open the group settings now scroll down and press.

  • Add participants to add more people to the group.

  • And here's how you change your status in the main window Press status.

  • Here you can type or use a photo to update your status.

  • Finish by pressing the send icon, you've now updated your status now WhatsApp on a computer.

  • Start by downloading installing WhatsApp on a computer.

  • Search the APP store on Mac or Microsoft Store on windows for WhatsApp, click install and open.

  • The APP prompts you toe open.

  • Whats app on your mobile device, Go to menu, find whats app, Web and click it now scan the QR code on the computer with your mobile device.

  • Your WhatsApp account is now sync with your computer, making it even easier to connect with others.

Here's how to use WhatsApp on your phone and computer.

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How To Use WhatsApp

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