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  • Oh, hi.

  • I'm reading a really swell book.

  • It's about a fish who's learning to swim Reading teaches me all sorts of fun New things Ask a grown up to read a new book to you Her reading is super fun Miss down Are you all right?

  • I'm not all right.

  • I'm the other way.

  • Well, maybe we can help.

  • We're good at helping What's wrong?

  • I've never had a thing unless not one I don't wanna let down.

  • Peter.

  • Roni, It's my dream to be in his musical movie.

  • What if I'm a dud?

  • No, Porsche.

  • You're a great actress.

  • Oh, I know I am.

  • But what is a great actress when she can't see?

  • Oh, you just need to trust yourself and let us help you.

  • I don't know.

  • Okay, girls, here's the plan.

  • Let's build up her confidence with compliments so she can sing with condiments Porsche remember how you kicked and flew in the movie where you were the karate fighting princess And how you roared when you played the Magic Dragon from the sea Well, if you could do all that you can do anything even sing Stand back, girls I got a song Thio singing and singing a song is what I gotta sing What's everyone standing?

  • The wheels Flora Gonna sing good odds Thank you, Axiom Care Country I may be poor and lonely We've nothing but a cartload of our dogs But at least I've got you, little Frank I relish a friend like you Franklin Way e I'll be in my trailer drowning my tears in the show Uh, pasta fas Only this movie is a disaster.

  • Porsche is perfect off a depart, But you cannot sing.

  • I've got to have to replace No, Mr Peter.

  • Roni, if anyone can help Porsche saying it's us the happy helpers.

  • Come on, girls do.

  • Oh, I'm sorry.

  • Leave Daisy.

  • You must have a doozy of a plan.

  • I'm thinking I'm thinking, Oh, my She's got the radio on loud Thio.

  • Hey, that's not the radio.

  • It's Porsche singing in the shower.

  • Frankly allows you Why can't you sound that good in front of the cameras?

  • I really question your singing.

  • Oh, you have?

  • Sorry.

  • I always sing in the shower.

  • That way no one can hear how awful I am.

  • But you were wonderful.

  • What?

  • No e guess it's easy singing when no one's listening.

  • Oh, I don't matter.

  • I'm gonna have to tell Peter Onedio give my dream part toe a better actress.

  • One that doesn't need a shower to sing.

  • But what if you were in a shower?

  • What push is ready to shoot?

  • What?

  • Quiet on the set on.

  • And action.

  • I always wanted to do that take for really, really frankly, Frank, Before we met, I tell you I was flustered.

  • I was all alone in the cold that don't cut the mustard.

  • Oh, frankly, Frank velvet you'll hear a finally a room elit takes his confidence in condiments, You know, Now catch up to my dreams on make them all come true Frankly, I ran issue Frank You I relish you.

  • Wow!

  • You, my fair doggy, are going to be a star Cut!

  • Bravo!

  • Perfect, Bellissima!

  • Wonderful!

  • 00 There's a lot of Oh, thanks for believing in me now under happy help us Number one fan And we're your number one phones Fantastic!

Oh, hi.

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