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  • I'm just thinking about the experience you went through a couple of weeks ago where you had what proved to be the false positive cova test.

  • And I just wonder, Andi, I know how busy you keep yourself during the season, and you don't spend a lot of time in reflection.

  • But just if that struck you in any way differently, did it, did it?

  • What sorts of things that made you think about when there were moments there when when you were lead to believe that you had this virus, which can be very frightening.

  • I just wonder what thoughts went through your mind during that time before you found over the test started coming back negative.

  • Well, you know, we've always had a tremendous amount of respect for, you know, this situation that we're in relative to CO va and we tried to keep our players safe and our staff safe.

  • And but one thing that I would say to people that when they tell you you tested positive, it makes you have a tremendous amount of respect for what you could have or should have done even better than you did so that you wouldn't have put yourself in that situation on then you're very concerned about how that's gonna impact everyone else when you're in a position of leadership and responsibility.

  • Um, so that was it was really, man, it was It was a reality check, no doubt.

  • But I was not sick.

  • I didn't have a fever.

  • Oxygen level was normal.

  • So, um, I really didn't think I had it.

  • Um, but I was very concerned about how we would manage our way through.

  • And how would it impact the future?

  • You know, not only myself individually but in our team on I would tell people that if you don't respect this, you should follow all the protocols that have been laid out for us relative to social distancing, wearing a mask, whatever it is that you need to do to be safe because, you know, once they tell you you have it, there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

  • You know, my dad used to always say somebody needs to close the barn door before the horse gets out.

  • And I think if we're going to be able to manage and live with this co vid, you know everybody's gonna have to be responsible to do that in a very positive way.

  • I really appreciate you saying that.

  • Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama with me here on ESPN radio.

  • Okay, let's let's get into football.

  • So this obviously has been a season unlike any other in so many different ways for you, and your position is a leader.

  • What if you were to pinpoint what has been that the biggest challenge in the way this season has been different?

  • What has it been?

  • Well, I think that Z disruptions.

  • You know, I think that as a coach, running an organization, ah, football team, you really want to minimize the disruptions that your players have to face by putting them in the routine that helps them prepare well each week and play their best, you know, in a game.

  • And this has been a season of It's the way of the world now that we have destructions, whether it's who can play, who can't play, how you have to go about your business every day to stay safe and to keep the players safe.

  • S O.

  • I just think the constant disruptions that we've all had to learn how to you know, change our lifestyle to be able to do what we do to live with.

  • You know, Kobe, which now I'm glad that we are.

  • I'm glad that players have an opportunity to create value for themselves, but it's just been a little bit different.

  • Um, and consistency is a little bit more difficult to try to create, you know, with the players because of all these disruptions and distractions.

  • But as I told our team in the beginning of the season, whoever can handle disruptions and distractions the best this year, alright, we'll have the best chance to be successful in the end.

  • Nick Saban is with me on ESPN radio.

  • I thought your comments last week or whenever it was about the way you've sort of given into the way the game is played.

  • Now we're fascinating for me.

  • I like you.

  • I'm not a huge fan of all of the offense that there is in college football now that there's a part of me that doesn't necessarily think it has been for the best.

  • But you had some comments to the effect that you you just accept now that this is the way it is that good offense is going to beat good defense and that you have to adapt with it, which obviously you have What What was it that made you come to that realization?

  • How what made you finally decide?

  • There's just no way I can keep trying to do it the old way and win the way the game is currently played.

  • Well, you know, several years ago, probably 567 years ago, we really started having a nemesis with all Miss who was the, you know, sort of the epitome 100 Hugh Freeze with fast paced offense, our post guys blocking downfield and still throwing the ball.

  • So, um and we struggled and we gave up a lot of points and we lost a couple of those games.

  • And actually, you know the rules of college football.

  • Um, you have to take advantage of them, and you have to do these things if you're going to optimize your chances of scoring a lot of points.

  • Um, and it makes it really difficult on the defense because it creates a tremendous amount of run past conflicts for the defensive players.

  • Eso That's when you know, we tried to hire some people That's when I brought Lane in tow.

  • Try and he hadn't done it either.

  • But he was wanting to do it as well.

  • So we all research that figured it out, hired some people.

  • You know, Michael Oxley had some experience with it, you know, in the past and really started to implement that as well as do the normal, typical pro style offense that we'd always run.

  • You know, running the ball, play action passes a swell as dropped that game.

  • So the combination of those things have helped us score a lot of points in the last few years.

  • No question.

  • The next day have been with me.

  • Here you have.

  • Right now.

  • Your team is right.

  • Number two in the country.

  • You know what a championship team looks like?

  • Does this look like one to you?

  • Well, I really like our team.

  • I've liked him all season long.

  • Um, obviously, you know, we talked about Jalen Watteau.

  • I think you know, I compare him Thio, Allen Iverson.

  • Or, you know, Kobe Bryant type of player who could probably make plays that some other people, uh, would have a difficult time making.

  • I also could take the top off the defense.

  • You know really well because of his great speed.

  • Um, and he's certainly a playmaker.

  • That is gonna be very, very difficult to replace.

  • We're very sad that for him and his family that he was injured in the game.

  • But we're also encouraged by the fact that he had a successful surgery and would not have issues in the future on his ability to come back and be a very productive player.

  • But I like the team's attitude on I know that this creates an opportunity for some other players on our team to step up and relative to how they do.

  • That will determine how much success we can continue to have.

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I'm just thinking about the experience you went through a couple of weeks ago where you had what proved to be the false positive cova test.

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Nick Saban on Alabama's title chances and his false postitive COVID-19 test | #Greeny

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