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  • got a little breaking news here for you.

  • This Philadelphia 70 Sixers, according to our Adrian Jordanovski, are in advanced talks on a deal to hire former Rockets GM Daryl Morey to oversee the franchises basketball operations.

  • A deal is expected to be finalized in the next few days.

  • Mori, of course, resigned from the same position in Houston earlier this month after spending 13 years with the Rockets.

  • You want to spend more time with his family.

  • His record certainly speak for himself.

  • And we now welcome in, woke to the jump.

  • Thank you both.

  • So much for joining us.

  • Look, I know Richard is already sitting here in the studio with the whole speak of.

  • He wanted to spend more time with his family, which is what we heard just a couple weeks ago.

  • So how did these conversations between Darryl and Sixers ownership start?

  • Because they did go after a couple years ago, right?

  • Rachel Richard.

  • They did go after him a couple of years ago, and he really essentially leveraged it into a new contract in Houston.

  • That was a time when Philadelphia talked to Ah few top executives around the league, but things were very different this time.

  • He worked out his exit with rockets on almost immediately.

  • In fact, immediately, uh, started to talk with the Sixers.

  • Thes conversations have been ongoing for a few weeks.

  • I'm told.

  • Darrell Moore is in Philadelphia now.

  • Met with ownership.

  • I always talked with Doc Rivers, the coach.

  • They have history together, going back to their time in Boston on day.

  • Daryl Morey.

  • Talk to Doc Rivers about coming to the Rockets before hey left there.

  • So, uh, that deal is being finalized.

  • Now there's essentially an agreement in principle there just working through the language in the contract.

  • But they're going to have a formal announcement.

  • I'm told here in the next couple of days, and Daryl Morey will take over a Z.

  • The president of basketball operations with the Sixers.

  • Eso What was the hiring of him as president?

  • Impact the GM Elton brand?

  • Well, right now, I'm told that the plan is for Elton Brand to stay and continue as GM.

  • Obviously he'll be second on there, uh, you know, in their in their work chart, But s I think there'll be some conversations between Daryl Morey and Elton Brand and and see how they might work together.

  • I know Doc Rivers on.

  • I Don't Ownership there feel very strongly about Ellen Brand.

  • Um, I think there's an expectation now.

  • He will stay, but it's an Elton Brand went from being the decision maker to not being the decision maker now, and that's probably something I think he's going to think through.

  • I know he's gonna talk with their own the organization, but the expectation is that more he wants him to stay.

  • Doc Rivers wants him there ownership.

  • And so that's, you know, I think a conversation that will be ongoing here is Maura gets settled in such an interesting story.

  • So many layers.

  • Of course, the Sixers let go.

  • Sam Hinkie.

  • Years ago, Sam Hinkie had Daryl.

  • Morey is a member.

  • Everything come as a mentor.

  • Everything comes back around in this league before you go.

  • Whoa!

  • I want to catch up with you on the negotiations going on this week between the players union and the league.

  • There is a deadline this Friday about coming to an agreement on frankly, so many things are they gonna be able to get it done by them?

  • What do you expect right now?

  • I don't get a sense that they can come to terms on all, uh, the items they need to buy Friday.

  • Rachel and we've reported this a few times.

  • They pushed this date back.

  • Essentially, the league still holds the right to terminate the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Actually, the players could do the same because of the pandemic.

  • There's been no indication that that's something the league or certainly not the players want to do.

  • They want to make some adjustments to the current C B A largely in terms of the salary cap because they've lost so much revenue and they expect to lose so much more revenue this season.

  • But the league really wants to start before Christmas financially.

  • They showed the players how significant the differences between starting then, and that also allows them to finish sooner and get next season back on track with a normal schedule and and to finish by the Olympics, they've got to do a 72 game regular season eso those talks are ongoing.

  • I expect them, though, to probably extend beyond this week.

  • Rachel.

  • Really interesting.

  • Well, we'll be looking for your reporting on that and everything else this week.

  • Thank you so much for the news on Daryl Morey.

  • We will see you soon.

  • Thanks for joining us.

  • See you guys.

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got a little breaking news here for you.

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Daryl Morey to take over as Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations – Woj | The Jump

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