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  • do dwarfs get disability checks?

  • We work regular jobs, just like any other person.

  • I actually work in construction.

  • People like us have regular jobs, so Yeah, I work.

  • I work for mine.

  • How tall will I get?

  • Well, I already got to the height that I'm at.

  • I'm 4 ft.

  • Exactly.

  • Actually, there is other little people that are shorter than me.

  • Well, it all depends to the type of dwarfism we have.

  • Everyone is born different, different size and stuff.

  • So when we first started dating, we would go out and get a lot of like attention because we were obviously two different people.

  • Everyone notices him.

  • I wasn't used to that.

  • So for me, in the beginning of our relationship, it was really hard to get used to that.

  • And he would notice me getting like, upset.

  • And he was like, Don't even bother.

  • Like, if I'm okay with it, you should be okay with it.

  • So that's when it hit me.

  • And I was like, Whoa, it's true.

  • Like if he's okay with me.

  • Why in my so upset now with my daughter as well?

  • Now, when we go out, we seriously don't even like pay attention.

  • We just focus on ourselves.

  • We just love to educate in case someone does do like rude comments.

  • Do's and don't to someone that has Dorfman's Do Not pick us up.

  • Do not try to take pictures of us like on the low key.

  • Do not pat us on the head.

  • Humans, man.

  • Just be just like regular people.

  • That's it.

  • Do little people have sex?

  • Um, is my daughter Camilla here?

  • So yeah, so there's different types of Thorpe ISMs.

  • The one that I have is called achondroplasia.

  • There's hundreds and hundreds of different types.

  • The one that I have is the most common.

  • My parents are actually both average sized.

  • Having dwarfism is not a disease.

  • It's a genetic.

  • Most little people with achondroplasia with what I have come from average sized parents so anyone could have a little person.

  • So be nice.

  • Well, first of all, the proper term is dwarfism.

  • I would gladly like to be called by my name, which is Christian, just like any other person with.

  • But if you're referring to us or whatever, obviously our name is the best thing to do.

  • But you can say little person, that's acceptable.

  • But the M word midget.

  • That's a big no, don't ever use that word.

  • The n word midget.

  • You know, at first I didn't really think anything of it.

  • But after, like how people would use it, that's pretty offensive.

  • Uh, it's more like describing us kind of like object.

  • I feel like, you know, like, oh, look midget like it's like a thing.

  • But not like I'm a human at least.

  • Yeah, just like any other person.

  • So, yeah, don't use the n word guys.

  • It's not cool.

  • And this is my beautiful family.

  • It's my beautiful wife, my beautiful daughter Camilla.

  • I think I was in a little person.

  • I probably would have this beautiful family, so I'm glad I am.

do dwarfs get disability checks?

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Little Person Answers Most Googled Questions About Dwarfism

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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