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  • temporary, timely and targeted.

  • Those were the words used to describe our furlough scheme on March 11 that was introduced by the chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Cenac.

  • Temporary, timely and targeted.

  • And those air, lies, lies and lies.

  • Let's look at those first of all, was it targeted?

  • Well, actually, it wasn't because no business had to qualify for the furlough scheme.

  • And when you dig down, eat deep into it.

  • One million currently furloughed workers now are in industries that were not affected whatsoever by co vid and by the restrictions of social distancing.

  • Next, look at that not being temporary because in a few days the job retention scheme is going to turn into the job support scheme.

  • And when we see that happen, we're going to see that the handouts continue.

  • Now, someone working one day a week is going to be able to receive two thirds of their salary, and this all means one thing.

  • A gaping £40 billion hole in our budget, £40 billion Spence.

  • And yet we still have one of the sharpest rises in unemployment in history, and now 9% of those furloughed workers are soon going to be unemployed, and this all tells us one thing that handouts don't work.

  • Socialism doesn't work.

  • The Onley solution to this problem and the myriad of other problems that we face in our health services are mental health.

  • With businesses shutting down forever is to get London back toe work.

  • And yet our politicians are talking about that because we're lacking leadership were lacking, ah, proportional response to the virus.

  • And we're lacking science based decision making.

  • And again, I am all for taking care of those that are most vulnerable to being affected by this virus.

  • But let's let the young and the strong and the capable get back toe work.

  • Let's use science based decisions where we don't lock down our hospitality industry that is responsible for only 3.3% of Kobe transmissions, according to Public Health England Zone data.

  • Let's not Let's not locked down our gyms in the north, where I was speaking to Nick Quick home last week when he said Brian Onley 1.7% of transmissions were happening in gyms and yet they tried to lock me down.

  • Let's find ways of opening up our theaters of opening up our tourism business.

  • And that's why I've been talking to people every single week on my show to try to find solutions and everyone I speak to, says Brian, What are our politicians doing?

  • They seem to wake up and do the exact opposite off what is going to help the city.

  • I just took a taxi home black cab driver named Scott.

  • He says.

  • Brian, I feel like the mayor wake up, wakes up every day and says, How can I screw this city up?

  • And I've given up trying to understand what goes on with this current crop of politicians, with their vested interests and their careers in politics, because they seem to be doing the opposite.

  • Our current mayor crusaded for the lock down, even though most boroughs in London, one south of the river, still don't even hit the 100 cases per 100,000 people that would qualify.

  • And yet, he says, we all go is one.

  • We all go into bankruptcy is one.

  • We all lose our livelihood.

  • That one we all tax.

  • Our mental health is one and I've had enough, and that's why I've decided I must stand for mayor of London on that's why My first policy will be getting London back toe work.

  • We have the greatest city in the world.

  • But we need someone to lead from the front and get people back in this city and working in a safe way.

  • We need to tell the world that we can do this safely.

  • We do to encourage people to come back into this city and get our commerce back on our culture back and really take London in a new direction.

  • You know, we could make this town world class once again and we could do it together.

  • So I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Please let me know your comments below again.

  • I do not believe that people want handouts.

  • I think people want an opportunity toe work to go out there and create and to innovate and to be of service and to do their jobs.

  • And I think if we do that, we could show the world what a great city looks like.

  • We could be the leader to cities like New York and Los Angeles and Paris and Milan and Madrid.

  • We could show them what a city could do.

  • But we've just gotta have someone that leads and starts making decisions much like an entrepreneur would.

  • And that's what I think is most important.

  • So please leave your comments below share this video if you agree.

  • But a £40 billion budget deficit and we're facing currently unemployment records at record highs.

  • That's not the way forward we can solve this.

  • We have the knowledge, let's move forward together, and I look forward to being a big part of that.

  • Thank you very much.

temporary, timely and targeted.

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