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  • So here's the news.

  • The Office for Budget Responsibility, which is the government's own forecaster, has just come out with this very bleak announcement.

  • Unemployment rate in the UK could hit 12%.

  • That's four million people out of work by the end of 2020.

  • And this is why the second wave second wave of fear second wave of lock down is crushing the economy.

  • We saw rays of hope when we were getting people back toe work, getting people back to the cities that he about to help out days.

  • But now we've crushed all possibility of getting back to a normal economy and we're style.

  • We're now going to see that we're gonna pay for it in terms of massive unemployment, 12%.

  • Unemployment is nightmare proportions.

  • And this is the reason we don't feel it yet because the job attention scheme, uh, which is soon going to move to be the job support scheme, is still holding three million people on furlough.

  • Right now, they're being paid and they're not being marked as if they're unemployed.

  • But by the end of this month, and then the next couple months, they're gonna be fully unemployed.

  • Jacking that rate up to 12%.

  • We haven't seen this in 2030 40 years.

  • This is going to cause severe problems, long term damage trauma, and it's going to create this lost generation, this generation covert I've been talking about of our 16 to 25 year olds that have no hope.

  • According to that Princess Trust study, I keep quoting, 41% of our young people now have said it's impossible to achieve their dreams 50% if you go into disadvantaged neighborhoods.

  • I have a 16 year old daughter.

  • This is unacceptable.

  • When I was 16 the future was anything I wanted it to be.

  • I could go to college anywhere I wanted.

  • I could be anything I wanted.

  • That's what my mom told me.

  • And nowadays our kids don't even know if they could go to a college campus and not be stuck in their dorm room on a zoom call.

  • All right, this is ridiculous, and this doesn't have to be that way, because the reason this is all happening well, there's three reasons.

  • The first is a complete and total lack of leadership on a country wide level.

  • On a citywide level, the second is a totally disproportionate response to the virus, and the third thing is a complete lack of science based decision making.

  • I wanna protect those most vulnerable I really do.

  • It's usually people with co more abilities and our elderly.

  • I wanna protect them.

  • But the younger, healthier people can get back and work, and that's what they want to dio.

  • I've been speaking with so many people over the past few weeks.

  • On my show yesterday, I spoke with uh, Steve Douglas of the state Moon Goes Charity, talking about the homeless problem and how we expected to magnify in the next year because of the recession.

  • I've been speaking with people in the hospitality industry, the tourism industry, the theater industry.

  • I've been speaking with age UK people that look after our elderly, and they're all telling me one thing, we've got to get this country and this city back toe work and are the current mayor of London.

  • What does he do?

  • He crusades for a lock down.

  • He pushed for the boroughs below the river to go into lock down.

  • We all go has won, even though those still had rates that did not qualify locked down.

  • Our current leadership is running this economy into the ground, and we're all gonna be paying for it.

  • It's not just about money.

  • We're gonna be paying for it with other health care issues.

  • Non covert related.

  • We're gonna pay for it through our mental health and our lost generation or generation covert of Children that just do not believe in the future.

  • So why will they bother?

  • I'm telling you, we've got to stop this.

  • Everyone I speak Thio says.

  • Brian, why can't we just get back to work?

  • Every taxi driver.

  • I'm with every person on the street, every person in my studio, says Brian.

  • It's our leaders that are literally handcuffing us and crippling us.

  • There's a way to get through this.

  • If you look at the science, there's not a reason to shut everything down, Okay, Cases does not equal calamity.

  • We've got to get that and we need leadership to do that.

  • So I appreciate your time.

  • Please leave your comments below.

  • I've got to keep making these videos until someone listens or we can enact the change together on That's my plan.

  • I've been laying on my policies, but getting back to work is one of the crucial ones putting science first, putting our health first, putting education first, and we've got to do this.

  • Now please help me share this video.

  • If you know someone that needs to see it, leave me a comment below and let's take London and do direction.

  • Let's let's make this this'll incredible.

  • City world class Once again, let's show the world how you could take a major metropolitan area and get it back to work in a safe manner.

  • We could literally lead the word world.

  • We've got great people.

  • We've got great history.

  • We've got great culture.

  • We've got a great spirit.

  • Let's come together on Let's do this.

So here's the news.

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Office For Budget Responsibility Warns JOBLESS RATE COULD HIT 12% – 4 MILLION PEOPLE BY END OF 2020!

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