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  • Hello.

  • My name is Yemi Aladi.

  • I am a musician and actor and also a proud Nigerian.

  • And today I am part of a community challenge in one another to find ways to reduce the amount of carbon emissions globally.

  • Today I am part of the countdown and I'm super proud of that.

  • Unfortunately, in Nigeria we have been experiencing climate change and that is stripping away a lot of beautiful things that the countries known for Well, the music and culture hasn't changed.

  • It's what we do best.

  • It stayed the same And I want to share that with you right now.

  • So get ready, True love Let's go Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah Father, up, up sing I feel just up the time E e e o E o You must die a true love today Yeah Sisters e sorrow Forget myself Uh, Forget my leaving people by no e o True life Don't need a diver True love will never let you cry Get up get up and down The right The right My I might have you feeling true e way e Make that pleasure Yeah get e e Not not not e e Yeah.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah Run I Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, my mother e Oh, no Take a happy Dio Oh, yeah Boehner No play that happened Newser Oh, oh, oh Anywhere you go No, no, no You say no.

  • Like Africa No Like home Anywhere you go you're Rocio.

  • No FBI like Africa No be like Oh e am.

  • Yeah.

  • Hey, this is my freaking And I'm gonna love you Yeah, my freaking lives that we Oh, my freaking names Get down, Thio My freaking like that Confronted you When you come here, it breaks up e you come in to shake hands You come in to make life e o No way Got ever kissing e It's in African one.

  • Hey, get a no e Come on.

  • Training Get Okay, Good.

  • Anywhere you go you will say no.

  • Every Like I freaked.

  • No, every like home Anywhere you go, New York.

  • Chicago No baby like Africa.

  • Nowhere be like home.

  • You go through your e Godiva Kitty was a felony.

  • It's an African one.


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"True Love" / "Africa" | Yemi Alade

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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