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  • Hey, Frank, just first want to ask about a d and the injury there.

  • And then how you felt he came through the game?

  • Yeah, he's just battling through, uh, you know, the the hell.

  • He was struggling to move a little bit, but toughed it out and, you know, we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

  • And then, Frank, how would you just summarize all that went into that game?

  • The fight from both teams and how much you wanted it and the way that you need to find a way to bounce back at this point?

  • Yeah.

  • We'll definitely boats back there.

  • There's no question about that.

  • You know, it's ah, it's a tough loss.

  • There's no doubt about it.

  • We were very close.

  • Uh, I felt too bad.

  • Calls at the end put Butler to the line.

  • Um, you know, and that's an unfortunate in a game of this magnitude.

  • Anthony Davis has a perfect verticality.

  • Okay, It should be a play on.

  • And then the time before that Markieff Morris has his hand on the ball.

  • That should be a play on.

  • Okay, They were given four free throws and, uh, you know, make it uphill battle for us.

  • So very disappointed in that.

  • That aspect of the game and no, but our groups are groups.

  • Fine.

  • Okay, We're gonna bounce back strong.

  • We'll have a better performance in game six, and yeah, we gotta play better for for the 48 minutes leading up to that last minute.

  • Hey, Frank, are you Are you able toe walk us through or describe the emotional swings of that last minute with lead changes back and forth?

  • You guys have a lead 2021 seconds away from championship.

  • What was that?

  • Just like to experience in that way?

  • Yeah, for you know, for me, it's just win the next play.

  • You know, whatever happened on that play, you know, we gotta anticipate what's coming next and, uh, you know, and try to win the next play, obviously, on both sides of the ball.

  • Alison, that was David Minimum right career where people scrutinized his decision making late in games because superstars before him were always taking a shot late late in the game.

  • It seemed like, and he found Danny with an open shot.

  • Can you just break down that play from a basketball standpoint and how you felt about it as a coach getting that shot with the chance.

  • Yeah, he was ready to take on the whole team.

  • He had two guys on them.

  • A third defender came with three guys on you make the right play.

  • You know, Danny is one of our best shooters.

  • Got a great look.

  • Way live with the results.

  • Chicago.

  • The last couple games, it seems, you know, Miami has come out of the gate pretty hot.

  • We're leaving you guys early today.

  • Um, you know, why has it been so hard?

  • Thio kind of take that role of the aggressor back from the heat in the last few games.

  • I think both teams are throwing haymakers e.

  • I don't think they're the aggressor.

  • I think we're, uh we're the aggressor, every bit as much.

  • Um, you know, we could be better, but obviously, in a lot of ways, throughout the 48 minutes we'll get, we'll watch the tape.

  • We'll get back after it.

  • And I'm happy with our teams.

  • Competitive spirit.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Hey, Frank, just first want to ask about a d and the injury there.

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Frank Vogel says the Lakers will bounce back strong in Game 6 | 2020 NBA Finals

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