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  • yesterday I made a video about the Aboriginals off Australia.

  • I spent 14 hours creating a video to show you their life and their culture.

  • And in the post of the video I wrote, Thank you, David, for introducing me to these people on that got me in trouble, apparently saying the term these people is offensive to some because it's disrespect.

  • I was told that in the nicest way possible by very nice people in order to learn.

  • But what I did learn was this.

  • So many times we focus on the words letter by letter to see if they have anything or anyone, while we forget the bigger picture intentions behind these letters.

  • To me, there is no problem in political correctness.

  • But there is a problem in accusing well meaning people off disrespect simply because their word choice doesn't fit your these people, us people.

  • You people need to understand that with everything in life, context is king and words are just words.

  • That's one minute See tomorrow from room YouTube.

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  • It's a new online school.

  • We just started to give you a voice Yes.

  • Making videos has given me a voice.

  • And with this voice, you can reach millions of people on the Internet, tell them stories that you care about and actually change their opinion.

  • This'll skill off, making videos, change my life, and I think it can change yours.

yesterday I made a video about the Aboriginals off Australia.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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