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  • Let's talk about the Clippers Clippers fans may have been said to after the way their season ended.

  • Can they do the Earth of Blank?

  • The battle for L.

  • A already heating up again for next season after a stellar post season in which he helped the Lakers win a championship, where John Rondo expected to turn down his player option and test the free agent market.

  • Now the Lakers are, of course, interested in resigning him.

  • But according to Marc Stein of The New York Times, the Clippers have interest in signing Rondo as well.

  • We all know the nickname Playoff Rondo by now, but let me just say it.

  • It is a really thing.

  • Increases his stats in scoring, assists, field goal percentage, three point percentage in the playoffs consistently.

  • You, of course, have to take regular season Rondo with playoff rondo if you sign him.

  • But he definitely his moments during this regular season two.

  • You have been calling for the Clippers to make an offer to him on the show for a month.

  • Perk.

  • Why do you think you do a little lobbying?

  • If you were gonna lobby your good friend Rajon Rondo, Why do you think this is a good fit for him, right?

  • You listen.

  • Steve Balmer and Lawrence Frank.

  • If you knew better, you do better.

  • You'll be at Rondeau front door.

  • The Clippers are missing a leader.

  • Okay?

  • Co I letter is not a leader.

  • He's a hell of a basketball player, but he's not a leader When you look at him.

  • When he played with the Raptors, Kyle Larry was the leader.

  • He he he was the vocal leader.

  • And when I looked at the bubble and I watched the Clippers play Kawhi, Leonard had to do too much.

  • He's Doc Rivers moved him to the point guard, and that's not Kawai style.

  • You need a guy like rage on Rondo, who's the ultimate floor general that could get guys in today's spots.

  • He puts the key and guys back.

  • We have.

  • They're saying in the locker room, when you have a leader, they could put their key and the guy back like, especially Paul George and get the best out of him.

  • Be able to brunt sets for him, called sets for him on the court to get him going.

  • They need raison Rondo, like old people needs off shoes I thought you what?

  • Sometimes I don't get this perk is, um, sometimes a That's excellent.

  • I won't lie.

  • But I'm gonna say this Perks absolutely right.

  • You know, usually when we talk about you see what happens when you get old.

  • You're gonna need soft shoes to me when I get older.

  • I'm all right now.

  • When were you born with?

  • Stop.

  • It s the when we talk about bet leadership teams leading needing vet leadership.

  • Usually we're talking about young teams, right?

  • But the Clippers needed bet leadership That collapse happened because they didn't have Ah, you.

  • Donna's has them to tell them to get their heads out of their you know, where's and hunker down a business.

  • And Rondo is that kind of vet.

  • That's exactly what they need.

  • Because I Perks said Quiet is a lead by example guy, and that's great.

  • But sometimes you need a little bit more than that, and it needs to come from a place of authority on a place of respect.

  • No disrespect to Paul George, but you can't play the way he's played and then get up and talk because people don't want to hear from him.

  • And so Rondo as a guy who's been there and done that in several places.

  • Now that's a kind of voice that resonates.

  • But then there's a basketball reasoning and perk talked about it as well.

  • He's a point guard.

  • This team does not have a pure point guard.

  • It was one of the worst passing teams.

  • There is a lot.

  • He's a guy that could get them some easier buckets just from a basketball standpoint.

  • So Rondo to the Clippers, That's a match made in heaven.

  • As far as I'm concerned.

  • I'm really interested, though, if this turns into a bidding war because with the Lakers they have certainly seen the value of region in a playoff and final situation.

  • And Anthony Davis specifically told me before the N B A finals started this year when he got traded to Los Angeles, the first person he called was Rajon Rondo, saying, I need you on this team next year.

  • The comfort level with Rondo is off the charts with Anthony Davis.

  • And remember, when 80 hit what?

  • It's probably still the biggest single shot of his life, right?

  • That shot the go ahead three pointer right where he shouts Kobe at the end and get in the game against Denver.

  • Guess who got him the ball right?

  • At a time where he asked to check himself back into the game just for that purpose and make the right basketball play when everyone else was expecting the golf ball to Goto LeBron James.

  • I think there's high value for Rondo on the Lakers, and I expect to see a little bit of money thrown around on.

  • Both sides will have to see who wins.

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Let's talk about the Clippers Clippers fans may have been said to after the way their season ended.

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