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  • are you losing your mind?

  • It just my tic tac is now just me guessing paint colors.

  • It's just because this is the friend of a little OK, a little yellow, a little white handful of blue and a lot of red So that would be the blue and yellow.

  • Be like a dark green your dark green and a lot of red with a hint of white.

  • So we're like green with a hint.

  • Would it be mouth?

  • Would this make like a a dark?

  • I hope this will be like a dark mo of color.

  • Oh, Uh oh, no, no, no.

  • I'm really It's gotta be, Mike.

  • I'm just gonna lighten it.

  • I'm just gonna go with a lighter.

  • Moved.

  • Did it go into a white paint?

  • What would go into a gelatin?

  • Now I'm changing my mind confident this went into a white paint, so it should be a much lighter Muth.

  • Oh, God.

  • Come on, give me the swing.

  • Give me this win.

  • Give me this way.

  • E thought I was really good at this, but might e o time of yellow time to green, yellow and green.

  • Make what it's gonna be like a, uh dark.

  • Look, there's black e think.

  • And I reckon it's gotta be This doesn't happen.

  • Why does this color just make my skin look awful?

  • E get some Don't think e Come on.

  • E need this for the win.

  • I need this winning thing.

  • Oh, let's try this again.

  • Green, blue, brown, green, blue, brown a green and the blue in a Brett.

  • Okay, A lot more blue and brown.

  • Now I'm not up.

  • Oh, I don't bloody know, uh, happened wrong so many times.

  • Maybe this'll because, like, I don't know, But every time it comes out, it just hasn't made any sense.

  • Do I stick with this?

  • I really want to stick with this.

  • But then, like, they're like gambling.

  • Part of me is, like, you know, take a risk.

  • Take a risk.

  • I e couldn't take the risk.

  • Thank Jesus.

  • I'm gonna say good with that one yet.

  • I just can't stop.

  • I can't stop.

  • This is just such an addictive game.

  • Okay, Black white.

  • A black white makes grace a gray, yellow and mustard.

  • So it's a yellow.

  • So it's a yellow with Oh, I reckon Pastel yellow.

  • It's got to be some sort of pastel e because Gray what would like?

  • Mm, says the expert.

  • I don't know all the hairdressers air Like I'm a pro at this after color.

  • So much hair and they nail it every time Pisses me off.

  • Come on.

  • Oh, the stress.

  • Please.

  • Please, I'll take your time.

  • We're back playing the favorite game.

  • What's that color gonna look like?

  • Red, black and white.

  • Red, black And it's just gonna be mm like a Well, this will be a nice like flamingo pink, I reckon.

  • Just a dark from Or know what's the point of adding black If you're reading so much white Oh, this is gonna be like a hot pink, I bet $100 that it's maybe it's gonna be a bit more.

  • It's gonna be a bit more pastel.

  • E.

  • Well, the thing that struck me is they added black.

  • Why would you need to add black?

  • If you're adding so much white, what does that do?

  • Does that make it more matte?

  • Finish?

  • Oh, God.

  • Here we go.

  • My car.

  • Mhm.

  • I love this summit.

  • Oh my God.

are you losing your mind?

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Can You Guess The Color Before He Can?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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