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  • Heisman hopeful Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

  • This means top ranked Clemson will be without their quarterback this weekend against Boston College, as he must now quarantine for 10 days for the A.

  • C.

  • C s medical advisory group.

  • His status for next weekend's game versus number four Notre Dame TBD.

  • Meanwhile, the first college football playoff rankings will be released on November 17th, and, according to Heather Dennis, the selection committee, well, consider availability of all players now.

  • Trevor posted this on social media following his diagnosis, saying Quote, I have tested positive for Kobe 19 and my symptoms have been relatively mild.

  • While I'm following the protocol from Clemson in the A C.

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  • The only thing that hurts is missing an opportunity to be with my teammates this weekend and play the game I love.

  • I hate, but I can't be there.

  • But I will be watching from isolation and pulling for our guys while I wait for the opportunity to rejoin the team.

  • God bless and go tigers.

  • All right, Good friend Tim Tebow joining us now.

  • Tim, hope you're doing well.

  • Question.

  • How do you react initially to this diagnosis of Trevor Lawrence having Cove in 19.

  • Well, I think it's huge for so many reasons.

  • You know, one because he's one of the best players, the best people in college football.

  • So you feel bad for him that he's missing a game he's worked so hard for and also probably being the last year of his college career at Clemson.

  • But I think if you look at as a whole for Clemson, I think they could get by Boston College.

  • And I even think next week in their biggest game of the year.

  • Even without Trevor, if he can't get back and play, they still have a good chance to win because their backup, D.

  • J, and I won't even try to pronounce his last name.

  • He's a five star freak that's evolved, and already this year he's showing a lot of poise, and you got to remember their defense is lights out, getting to the quarterback with Brand venerable.

  • So if there was a time where where Trevor, could you not be there for his team?

  • I think this could be a time because I also think that commit the playoff committee will look at it and say it's one of the best players.

  • If not the best player in the biggest game, he's not there.

  • So Clemson could also get slack if Notre Dame was able to upset without Trevor, What the hell does it say about Notre Dame?

  • If you're saying that they can be beaten by Clemson with the backup quarterback Stephen A.

  • I think most people would get beat by Clemson with the backup quarterback.

  • Like, I think there's only a handful of teams that would have a chance to beat Clemson with their backup tour.

  • Was the backup on Dama.

  • Sometimes the backup these programs is better than the story.

  • We certainly ain't gonna say that when it comes to him and get Trevor Lawrence.

  • Are we going to say that now?

  • Well, let me ask you about the Heisman race.

  • How does this affect things, Tim?

  • Well, I'll tell you what.

  • If you look at Justin Fields and his performance last week, just absolutely bawling in every part of the game throwing, running, leadership, toughness, everything.

  • He's gonna play less games unless Trevor doesn't play.

  • We know he's not gonna play this week.

  • If he doesn't play another week.

  • I think it gives just in a little bit more of a chance to catch up in stats, not necessarily in performance.

  • I think Justin has shown he's gonna perform.

  • But I think all the voters at the end of the year, just easy to kind of go to default mode, to say Oh, Trevor has 40 touchdowns, Justin Fields as 30 and they don't necessarily take the amount of games into play.

  • But I think this does give Justin a little bit more of a chance to kind of get into that race with some of the other guys.

  • Mac Jones from Alabama, who's been putting up crazy stats.

  • So I think this gives him a just a little bit more of opportunity.

  • But I also I want Trevor to get back and to be able to play.

  • He's too good of a player.

  • He's too good of a kid and you know, I want to see him make the most of this opportunity.

  • Tim, Give us ah perspective on how serious we should take this college football season and light all the hiccups that have taken place.

  • Season start in late games being pushed back into December.

  • Kovar 19 positive tests, etcetera, etcetera Some people say good, it's good for us.

  • It's good for the entertainment aspect.

  • Good for these guys that have aspirations to go pro and say etcetera, etcetera, to get out on their get out on the field and go out there and perform.

  • But how serious should we take the competition aspect of all of this?

  • Considering so many obstacles that have been thrown in these guys direction well, there has been a lot of obstacles.

  • There has been a lot of change, but I'm gonna take it extremely seriously because I know how much it means to every single one of these kids.

  • And so I'm going to evaluate it with everything I have to support every one of them because you know what?

  • There has been a lot of challenges, but I have seen hundreds and hundreds of college kids that have adapted that have grown that have learned that have changed, that have figured out right ways to be able to do things and that air trying to be their brothers keeper and support one another.

  • And yes, you know, we have had some setbacks with positive cases, but man, I've I've been able to talk to teams and see teams that are doing everything they can.

  • And these kids are doing so much.

  • Um, you know, so many of them are doing the right things to be able t o live out their dreams.

  • So you know what?

  • I'm gonna take it extremely serious, and And, yes, there's gonna be some setbacks.

  • But you know what these kids have?

  • They've earned it, and they've worked so extremely hard.

  • And so for their sake, I'm gonna take it extremely seriously.

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Heisman hopeful Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Tim Tebow on how Justin Fields' Heisman chances change with Trevor Lawrence's absence | First Take

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